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Good Intentions And All That by Sandra

Word Count 605

10th in the It All Adds Up series
Thanks to Lacy for the title and beta.

She’s still mad at me.  Not that she’s spoken to me since yesterday, but I can tell.  You think I have an icy stare that makes men shake in their boots?  Her stare is enough to make a man just shrivel up like a raisin.  Gracias a Dios, that stare don’t come at me too often. 

Now don’t get me wrong, a man couldn’t ask for a better woman than Toni.  I’ve screwed up plenty but I must of done something right to have her.  She’s full of contradictions, though.  Eyes so soft, they’ll make you want to drown in them.  Watch out though, those eyes can snap and sizzle fire at a moment’s notice.

She has a smile that when she turns it on you, your chest puffs out and you feel like you can slay any of those giants in those bedtime stories.  Better watch out if her smile doesn’t reach her eyes, though.  She’s just being polite then and you know somebody is about to catch it

I told Val and Jack that she reminds me of this red velvet corset I saw a saloon girl wear one time. It was different than anything I’d ever seen.  It was daring and oh so soft.  But underneath all that softness was a strong inside that got the job done.  Both Val and Jack said that if I wanted to keep my manly assets, I’d better not compare Toni to a whore’s underwear.  They’re probably right.

I sneak a glance next to me.  She’s sitting tall in the saddle, her mouth in a tight line.  Good thing we’re on the trail today. No way will I put out good money for a hotel room again until she’s over this snit.  That floor last night was harder than any ground.

You know, now that I think on it, it really wasn’t my fault.  I was just trying to do a good deed and help her out.  I don’t know of any other gunmen who’d try to do women’s chores. 

I sit up taller in the saddle and glance at her again.  I’m not being sly about it this time.  Me, Johnny Madrid, backing down from a little slip of a woman?  As Val would say, it just ain’t fittin’.   She should appreciate me more.  It didn’t all turn out so bad.

“We got any money left?” 

I stared at her a moment, that wasn’t what I expected her to say.  Maybe she’s realized the error of her ways and wants us to find a room for tonight.   I find myself grinning at where that could lead.

I give her my best smile.  I think her now pink shirt brings out the deep blue in her eyes.  The pink skirt doesn’t look so bad either. 

I tell her that we got a few dollars extra after expenses.

“Good.  When we get to the next town, you can buy some new drawers.  Until then, you better make sure if you’re called out, you win.  I ain’t sticking around to explain to the undertaker why Johnny Madrid is wearing pink underwear.  The shirt is bad enough, but I draw the line at a man wearing pink drawers.”

Man, she don’t need a gun to cut a man down. I stare at her open-mouthed as she spurs her horse ahead of me.

Damn those red union suits she was washing for those miners.  How was I to know the things would dye all our clothes pink?

I pluck at the sleeve of my now pink shirt.  I didn’t think it looked so bad.  In fact, I’m kinda getting to like it. 

~ end ~

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