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Drabbles by Spiritfire



This is a PG-13, it didn’t quite make an R rating. (250 words come up fast.
lol)  This is an answer to a challenge

A Lancer Water Droplet

All of us are crowded here waiting to see who is going to be our guest.  Yippee, I was right it is going to be the dark haired one.  I’ve seen him on my trip down from the sky.  I landed on him on my trip to the ground the other week.  I enjoyed the ride down his firm, muscular body to the ground.

I’m really enjoying myself swirling around him as he bathes himself.  I just love rubbing up against him.  He is rinsing his hair.  Great I got caught on top.  As he climbs out of the tub I can’t hold on and I slide down his silky hair and land on his nose.  As I slide down his nose past his eyes, I can’t help but notice how much they look like the sky.

I drip off his nose onto his chin and slip down his throat into a mass of curly hair.  Oh good he just missed me when he wiped the towel over his chest.  I really enjoy racing through his hair, tickling him on my way down.

The hair has thinned out now and I’m caressing his strong firm stomach.  I have fun as I glide over his strong abdominal muscles.  Now the hair is becoming thick again as I descend even further.  Oh my what is that I’m seeing?  It is sooooo big.  I can’t wait to get on it and find out what it is.  In my excitement I race towards the……………..

Sorry guys I just reached 250 words. lol



This was a 250 word challenge.


“Scott, she went in the bathhouse.”  Johnny’s eyes shone with mischief.  

“Okay, let’s get to our spot.  We sure don’t want to miss anything.”  Smiling Scott picked up his speed.

“I just hope that she doesn’t notice our change to the bathhouse.  We wouldn’t want her to see us and decide not to bathe.”  

“Don’t worry brother.  Those two peepholes are very well concealed.  She’ll never know that we’re watching her.”  Scott grabbed Johnny’s arm hurrying him along.

All of a sudden Scott stopped pulling Johnny back.  “What are you doing?”

Scott pointed behind the bathhouse to the garden.  “Abigail.”

“So, she won’t say anything.”

“Johnny, do you really want anyone else knowing about those peepholes?”

“She won’t care and I know she wouldn’t tell anyone”

“Do you really want to be wondering if someone is watching you while your taking a bath?”

“Hey Boston, I don’t have anything to be ashamed of, do you?”  Johnny’s face lit up with devilment.

Scott just rolled his eyes.  Johnny sighed, “yeah, when I’m relaxing in the tub I wouldn’t want someone watching.”

“Exactly, besides if a female is watching me while I’m naked I want the privilege to be able to watch her too.”  Both Johnny and Scott started laughing.

Abigail left and the boys hurried to their spots.  “She’s in the tub Scott.”

“Great now we can prove to Teresa what her pet duck has been doing.”

“Yeah and no more feathers in our bath.” Laughing they went to find Teresa.


Rating: G Disclaimer:  The characters aren’t mine. I just borrowed them.
Okay here is my last 250-word challenge story. :>)

Going First

Johnny bounced into the kitchen, a devilish grin on his face.  He grabbed a glass of cold lemonade.

Scott was trying his best to keep his temper under control.  He was hot and tired and just wanted a bath.  “You look like you just pulled something.”  Scott groused.  It was too hot to play games.

“Who me?”  Johnny tried to look innocent.   “Oh, by the way, I just put your clothes in the bath house for ya.”

Scott sat up at that information.  “That was very kind of you brother.  Is Murdoch finally done?”

“Nah, He fell asleep again in the tub.  The old man can’t keep up with us out there on the range.  But you’ll be all ready when he wakes up.”

Johnny’s grin was really starting to irritate Scott   At least it seemed that Johnny wasn’t going to fight about going first.

“Thanks.”  Scott knew he said it a little less than graciously but he was starting to get itchy from the sweat drying on his skin and he wanted his bath.

Johnny got up and walked back outside.

“Scott!”  Murdoch walked in wearing a towel around his waist and shoulders.  “This isn’t funny young man where’s my clothes. Don’t deny you took them. You left your clothes.  I heard you talking about it this afternoon.  Stay here.  We’ll talk when I get dressed.  For Pete Sake there are women around, Scott”

Scott just sat there stunned.

Johnny smiled as he sunk down into the hot tub.  


This was a 250 word story challenge.

The Bath

Scott had started to strip off his clothes in the outer room of the bathhouse.  His pecs shone with sweat.  He wiped his shirt across his chest and stomach tossing it aside.  Then he ripped off his pants and long johns.  His back was sore and he leaned backwards twisting, stretching his back muscles while they pulled at his stomach and chest muscles. 

Johnny was in the back of the main room in the bathhouse.  He was already naked.  He reached above his head stretching, pulling the muscles across his chest and stomach taut.  Then he turned toward the wall grabbing a towel from the top shelf.  His buttock’s muscles tightened as he reached up. 

Scott walked in looking down at the scratch that he had got on his foot.  Then he stepped into the tub.  Johnny turned and stepped into the tub.  When he looked up and saw Scott there in the tub with him he gasped.  His feet then slipped throwing him backward into the water.  When his legs hit Scott, he also lost his balance and went falling on top of Johnny.

“Get off me.”

“I’m trying if you would stay still so I can get my feet under me.”

Both boys were embarrassed about what just happened and were trying frantically to get away from each other and out of the tub.  This, of course, just made things worse.  They looked like they were wrestling.  Finally both boys stopped, looked at each other and started to laugh.

They knew that they must look ridiculous.  Finally Johnny pushed Scott off of him.  Then he turned around and pointed, “Get busy, Boston.”


“Well, if you want to share my bath the least you could do is wash my back.”  Johnny laughed.

Scott started laughing.  “Only if you promise to return the favor.” Then he picked up the soap.

Both bodies glistened as they stepped out of the tub.  Johnny grabbed his towel and then with a gleam in his eyes, he snapped his towel at Scott.  Scott returned the favor and the war was on.


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