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Sometimes Wishes Do Come True by Southernfrau

Sadly, Southernfrau is no longer with us. Her stories are archived here for her friends to remember her by. Enjoy her legacy to Lancer.

Word count 555

This is a challenge, write a drabble, ficlet, poem…whatever your pleasure and be sure to use the words, red, white, blue and stars…in honor of the 4th of July.
Disclaimer:  Why should they have a problem with me not making a profit off of their characters?

The sheets were crisp and white, fresh from the clothesline and they smelled of sunshine and lavender.  Johnny slid between them sighing at the cool feel of the cotton.  He briefly considered peeling off his drawers so he could enjoy the soothing sensation of them over his entire body, but he had no desire to be caught in, as Scott would say, all his glory by a certain busy body who had yet to learn the art of knocking first.  Turning on to his back, he relished the luxury of the laundered linens, extending his arms and legs Johnny moved them up and down and back and forth as though making a snow angel, delighting in the smooth rub of the fabric against his exposed skin.  Grinning at the secret pleasure of the ritual act he performed each time his sheets were changed, he moved to the next stage, pushing his body in to the softness of the mattress he pointed his toes towards the footboard, stretching his legs until the muscles in his calves and thighs undulated and bunched and he was forced to pull his toes upright, releasing the pressure that was both pleasure and pain.   Lacing his fingers together, Johnny cracked his knuckles, and then raised his arms reaching out until his broad shoulders lifted slightly off the bed. When they were extended as far as they would go he began dropping them back towards his head, until finally they hit the feather pillow and he shoved his hands under his head.   A jaw cracking yawn overtook him, the intensity of it squeezing his eyes shut and causing them to water, briefly blurring his world from the pooled moisture. 

Johnny flipped to his side wiggling in to a comfortable position. His attention was captured by the flutter of the red drapes hanging at his window.  A chilly breeze, a welcomed respite from the day’s heat, was responsible for the movement of the heavy curtains.  The flow of air continued across the room, kissing Johnny’s face and lightly tousling his unruly hair.  From his spot on the bed Johnny could see a wide swatch of midnight blue sky, not a single cloud marred its velvet perfection.  A multitude of glimmering stars winked and blinked at him from their heavenly perch, their brilliant presence reminding him of a happy memory of his mother.  She had once told him that the stars appeared when the angel forms of their departed loved ones opened their windows in heaven at night, letting out the ethereal light, as they looked down on their family on earth.   He smiled sleepily as he thought how comforting it was to have angels guarding him through the night.  A blissful feeling washed over him when he considered he also had a father and brother to look out for him to…it drove him to distraction sometimes, as they could be over protective, but he wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Just as slumber claimed him, relaxing his body in to a tranquil and peaceful state, he recalled a wish he had made on a star a different lifetime ago.  //Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish, I wish tonight…please give me a father and brother//.  Sometimes wishes do come true.

July 2008

~*~ L ~*~ L ~*~ L ~*~ L ~*~ L ~*~

This is an epilogue of sorts for all you Ladies (questionable ones I might add) of Lancerlot, who were sorely disappointed Johnny slept in his drawers.
Disclaimer: Last time I looked at my bank account I still had not received payment for these stories.

The midnight blue of the nocturnal sky burned away as the sun began to blaze its way upward, the brilliance of its light consuming the dark of night and sending the stars in to retreat.  The sun’s first weak rays found their way in the open window, backlighting the crimson drapes so they appeared to be red flames.  Sometime during the night the breeze had died away and now with the rising of the sun the air began to warm up.  The light streaking through the open curtains did a glimmering dance across the room, exposing iridescent particles of dust that had been hidden in the shadows waltzing in lazy airborne abandon.   The sunbeams crept across Johnny’s face silently calling him from his slumber, but he was reluctant to answer the summons.  He squeezed his eyes shut, the bed squeaked as he flipped his head turning his face to the wall. 

Last night’s crisp white sheets lay rumpled on the floor, pushed there by restless legs that had become too heated by the linens when the breeze has ceased.  On top of the disheveled bedcovers rested Johnny’s discarded drawers, tossed there in a bid to stay cool and comfortable.  Reclined in relaxing pose on his bed, Johnny’s nude body resembled one of the statues of a Greek God come to life.  His muscular chest rose and fell in the deep even rhythm of sleep.  The flat sculpted plains of his abdomen shimmered in the sunlight that could not pierce his eyes while his face was turned to the wall. 

The voices of his father and brother conversing in the hall finally begin to peel back the slumberous layers of cotton still encasing his senses.  His body slowly began to wake in increments.  His feet twitched as he wiggled his toes, his hands lifted and scrubbed at his sleepy face and then his fingers plowed through his mass of dark hair.  His head tossed fitfully on his pillow, as his blue eyes were fluttering open, blinking rapidly against the assault of morning light. His tanned hand slid to his stomach and slender fingers scratched lightly at the dissecting ridge between his abs.  His whole body began to tingle to life, and a delicious grin split his mouth when that reminded him it was Friday, which meant tonight he and his brother would be headed to town.  That thought had his libido ready to rise and shine, his hand was drifting lower down his body until the click of his doorknob had him snatching wildly for his discarded covers.  Johnny just did get the sheet flung over his body when Scott’s blond head peered around the door.

“It’s time to rise and shine, little brother.”

“I was going to until you showed up,” Johnny mumbled with a petulant pout.

“What?” Scott inquired.

“Nothing, I’m coming.  I’ll be down in a minute.”

The door clicked closed and Johnny stood up his tan body glowing in the rays shining in his window.  He stretched and vowed, “In town today I’m buying a lock for that damn door.”

The Bare End
July 2008

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