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A note on the Brat Pack AU

Sadly, Southernfrau is no longer with us. Her stories are archived here for her friends to remember her by. Enjoy her legacy to Lancer.

This is a Lancer AU that shall henceforth and forever more be known as Lancer Brat Pack (Thanks Whistle for the AU name!).

The basis for the AU: Scott is 8, Johnny 3. Murdoch is raising both boys. Harlan Garrett is an important member of the family.  He moved the base of his business to San Francisco and splits his time between there and the ranch.  He still has his Boston home. There is no Paul O’Brien or Teresa (I’m sure that doesn’t surprise any of you). I don’t like seeing the Lancer brothers with kids but I don’t mind seeing them as kids. If you don’t like seeing them portrayed as kids…you might want to mosey right along…go on…get along little doggie.

This is an open AU with a few stipulations/rules.  Murdoch will always be the custodial parent.  Harlan is a doting Grandfather.

This is dedicated to Jay, who always referred to himself in the third person when he was three.


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