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Keeping Brothers by Sherry

Word Count 903

For the Lancer Writers February 2023, Brother’s Keeper Challenge

No beta, all mistakes are my own. I relied on the transcript of Foley housed on the Lancer Lovers site for the dialog that came from the episode.

“If you don’t tell ‘im to take that gun outta my old man’s neck he might join ‘im.” Johnny had no idea who this man’s dead son was, but if some girl killed him and Murdoch had something to do with it, then he damn well must have needed killing. One thing for sure, if this asshole and his guns didn’t back off, he’d take out the lot of ’em.

As soon as they heard him, the men turned and looked at Johnny. They must have seen he meant it because the fellow crowdin’ his Old Man lowered his weapon.

For a split second, Murdoch caught Johnny’s eye before facing the bigger man. “I told you before, Mister, I don’t know any girl.”

Johnny kept an easy lean against the blacksmith’s wall, but his gun hand stayed ready.

“You want me to kill him for ya, Uncle?”

Johnny snorted at that; if his father hadn’t been standing there, he would goad the smart mouth into trying. But those days were behind him.

The older man said, “Nah.” After he pushed him out of the way, he came over to Johnny. “Who are you?”

“I’m Johnny Lancer.” The fellow must have tried to figure out if the name fit, or maybe wondered if Johnny was the Lancer he was looking for; but the man seemed puzzled. He glanced at the rig; it wouldn’t be the first time someone recognized him as Madrid. Either way, he probably knew danger when he saw it.

“Lancer, huh?”

“That’s right.” He tried to say it firm, but hell, when someone was staring at you and probably had you figured out as someone else, and you were that person too, it was hard to sound sure.

“Why’d you stick your neck out for that girl? She ain’t worth it.” Yeah, he wasn’t talking so big now. The man was asking. And whoever this blow hard was, he had figured out when he shouldn’t push too hard.

“I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.” That came out pretty damn firm. The fellow squinted at Johnny for a beat, but he must have believed him.

What had Scott got himself roped into? Murdoch had sent him to Green River, to the bank. Guess it was time to nose around some and find out what had happened. Most likely, his brother would rather he stay out of it. Too bad, there were times. . . 

“All right, let’s go! Clear out!” When he hollered at his men, they sure enough moved.

Johnny heard the smart mouth whispering, “I can take him, Uncle . . Just give me—”

At that, Johnny caught his eye, nodded once, and grinned—curling three fingers at the asshole; he let him know to ‘come on’ if he was man enough.

The smart mouth’s uncle saw it and hollered, “Shut up!” And the fool backed off quick enough.

Johnny laughed and then ignored him like he would a misbehaving kid sent away by his elders.

“But. . ,”

Now he sounded like a whiny kid. Johnny snorted out loud at that. His prodding was getting under the fool’s skin, and he didn’t really give a damn.

All of ’em hurried past Murdoch except the one with the smart mouth. He stopped and looked back at his uncle, who still wanted to throw his weight around.

“I’m Gant Foley. If you know that name, then you know I’d never forget.”

Murdoch didn’t look like he’d ever heard of him, and Johnny couldn’t remember hearing of any Foleys. He bet ole Gant Foley had heard of Madrid. But he wouldn’t go there now.

Foley still wasn’t finished talking. “If I find out you are involved in this,” He rolled his eyes Johnny’s way, “either one of you! Well, he was my son, just remember that. Frank was my sole surviving son.”

They finally left. Hell, Scott had to be who they wanted. Murdoch seemed pretty worried. Johnny started to ask him if he was okay, but his Old Man started in before he could.

“What time was Scott due to meet us here?”

Johnny pulled on the cord of his hat to slip it on his head. No two ways about it; Boston should have been here by now. “I dunno. Oh, about an hour ago, I guess. Want me to ride over towards Green River, see if I can run ‘im down?”

“Yeah, tell him to stay away from town. They’re looking for a Lancer. Scott’s the only one that’s not accounted for.”

When Johnny headed out, he swung his head back inside the blacksmith’s door, needing to let his Old Man know one thing, “Murdoch, he ain’t gonna like me poking my nose in his business, especially if there’s a girl involved.”

“He’ll like it just fine if they stick a gun in his neck.”

That brought a grin to Johnny’s face. “You saying I’m to be my brother’s keeper?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, Son. Now, go find out what Scott’s gotten himself into.”

Johnny nodded and started for his horse.


“Yeah, Murdoch?”

“Keep each other safe.”

Johnny waved over his back. “It’s what we keepers do.”

Feb. 2023


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19 thoughts on “Keeping Brothers by Sherry

    1. Diana, thank you for the comment. I’ll have to agree, the Lancer brothers do a great job looking out for each other. I love to read and write about it too.


    1. Helen, you are welcome, and I join you and thanking all the writers who contribute to keeping Lancer alive with their stories. I remember how thankful I felt when I first found the Lancer FanFiction. It has been a much needed escape for me.


    1. Caterina, thank you for reading this short piece, and I appreciate your comment. I too could see Johnny’s face as I wrote the piece, not just the parts in the episode but how he was with Murdoch and as he smiled. JS gave so much to the character of Johnny. All the actors did a bang up job with their parts. I suppose it’s why the show still means so much to us now.


    1. Carol, I’m glad you liked this scene. I always loved it when Johnny stepped in to take up for Murdoch. Of course, I wanted to add to it a little bit. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it. Don’t you just love Johnny in protective mode?


    1. Janbrac, thank you for the feedback. I’ve always loved that scene with Johnny protecting his father. It was a perfect one for me to dress up a little bit. I’m glad you liked it.


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