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Blink by Shelley

Word Count 107

2010 Lancer Writers Word Challenge

The angry tone from across the room caught Scott’s attention. He watched as Johnny set down his beer, coolly studied the belligerent cowboy, and glanced toward the bartender.

“Tell him, Ed.”

Ed whispered something in the stranger’s ear.

The puncher stared, and then paled. He licked his lips and backed away before hurrying out the door.

“What just happened?” Scott asked.

Val shrugged. “The other guy blinked.”

Scott looked puzzled and Val shook his head. “Madrid, Scott. I swear, sometimes you folks at Lancer forget who that boy really is.”

Johnny lifted his glass and grinned at them.

Written April, 2010- archived August 2022


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4 thoughts on “Blink by Shelley

  1. I can see that grin at the end! The series might have forgotten who that boy was, but we never will. Thanks, Shelley!


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