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Behind My Eyes – A Poem by Shelley

Word Count 275

I grew up fast and poor as dirt,
No one to love and lots of hurt.

I got a horse, I had a gun
I did my livin’ on the run.

Then one day life got rearranged.
I blinked my eyes and everything changed.

Now who’d believe the things I’ve got
A father, a family, a home and Scott

A roof, four walls and a warm soft bed
Three times a day they make sure I’m fed.

If I spring a leak, they plug the holes
And Teresa makes me cinnamon rolls.

For a border brat it’s a big surprise
To be given a third of Paradise.

With all this stuff and there’s sure a lot,
The best part’s still my brother Scott.

He’d stick by me right to the end.
He’s more than a brother; he’s my best friend.

Course you ever tell him what I just said
I guess I’d have to shoot ya’ dead.

Yeah, the sad part is that’s just my style.
Dealing death with a crooked smile.

I’ve tried to change and tried to be
The kind of man they’d want to see.

The top layer’s Lancer but where it’s hid
Deep down inside there’s still Madrid

If they really knew me then it’d shame ‘em
They wouldn’t want me. I wouldn’t blame ‘em.

I don’t think I could get by
Without ‘em now. Don’t want to try.

They think I’m tough, but it steals my breath.
What I could lose scares me to death.

So I’ll just keep on tryin’ to hide
The kind of man I am inside.

And hope they never realize
Just who looks out from behind my eyes.



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