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The Hacienda by Sandra

A tale of our Lancer hacienda, then and now. This is in response to my visit to the  hacienda in June 2017.  

It was the unfamiliar noise that roused the hacienda. For years the quiet had lulled the  sprawling adobe house into a twilight sleep. It hadn’t always been that way. When first  built, its rooms were full and echoed with the sound of laughter, music and revelry. The  house had beamed and stood proudly nestled in the valley. 

Then, a shadow fell on the house like a blanket dosing out a fire. The people that were  left scuttled silently about their business, their laughter and joy muted. Over the years, the  quiet lulled the house to sleep. Occasionally, something would happen that would rouse  the house awake; the sound of hammers repairing the roof, workmen stomping through  it’s halls, a party here and there. It didn’t last, though, and the house resumed its dreams  of former glory. 

A persistent buzzing woke the hacienda. The adobe listened in order to place the source  of the sound. The house blinked and stood a little taller. The buzzing was the sound of  people enjoying themselves, excited to be in the house’s rooms.  

The old hacienda watched and a smile slowly crossed its portico. Laughter could be  heard again within its halls. Sounds and wonderful smells came from the kitchen. The 

people who stood in the Great Room wanted to be here and their joy permeated the very  foundations of the majestic hacienda.  

The grand old hacienda, nestled under the watching hills, beamed and stood proudly once  again.



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One thought on “The Hacienda by Sandra

  1. This is such a beautiful story. I’m so glad you got to visit the hacienda-it would be a thrill! Thank you for sharing with us readers and special thanks for the picture. 👏👏👏


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