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Drabbles by Sandra


2016 Drabbles

Good Friends
(In memory of Marlene)

He watched her across the room. It wasn’t the first time he’d noticed the smiling redhead. She’d made quite an impression on him. He’d seen her encouraging the Baldemero’s son in his schoolwork. She always had a pleasant word to say to everyone, even Sallie at the saloon. Tonight she had gone out of her way to help Maria in the kitchen while Teresa changed her dress. How was he to know Teresa was behind him with the punch bowl? Miss Marlene was one special lady and Johnny Madrid Lancer knew they were going to become good friends. 

~ end ~

His Dungeon
A Halloween drabble

The smothering darkness pressed around him. Not a smidgen of light cut through the depth of blackness. It enveloped him and dragged his spirit down. His limbs were heavy and although he tried to find a way out, he was paralyzed by a sense of helplessness. Not even sound could penetrate this cloak of gloom. He was utterly alone. He knew that he was the catalyst of this horror. His actions and apathy had built this dungeon. He had nothing now, was nothing.

“Murdoch! Wake up! Frank brought two telegrams from town. Scott is coming and the Pinkertons found Johnny!




He saw the significant wad of greenbacks in the outstretched hand. Most were crumpled, dirty, or even ragged around the edges. The top one was almost torn in two, only a small piece held the bill together. He wasn’t quite sure what was even keeping the banknote whole but something sure was. Peeking out toward the bottom, a crisp clean dollar stood out. He knew from experience that soon, like everything else, it would also become tattered and worse for wear. He took the lucre offered and stuffed it in his pocket. He was getting very good at his trade.


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