Last Moments by Robyn B.

Word Count 5,634


I don’t own Lancer or any part of their stories.  I only borrow them every so often to run thru the ranch.  There isn’t any type of warning, but I’m gonna give it an NC-17 rating.


I was in Val’s jail, being with Johnny.  He was found guilty of murdering a man he didn’t even know.  Scott and Murdoch were looking for the man who actually did kill him and framed Johnny.  We had 2 weeks left before Johnny was scheduled to die.

Even tho Johnny and I were sitting on the cot in the cell and his arms were tight around me, the banging and sawing that was going on was rather unnerving.  I trembled in Johnny’s arms and he softly caressed my cheek and softly cooed words to calm me.

Against Johnny’s chest, I softly said, ” I’ll never be sorry I married you Johnny.  These last 6 years have been so wonderful.”

I felt Johnny’s hand under my chin and he lifted my head to look at him.  Softly, but with a quiet defiance, Johnny said,  “Don’t you say your goodbyes Emilie.  Scott and Murdoch will find that man.  Please don’t give up Honey.  I couldn’t bear it if you gave up.”

I curled against Johnny’s chest and almost cried as I softly said, ” I’ll never give up on you Johnny.  I just have so many things I have to tell you and I don’t know if I can get everything said.”

Johnny’s fingers slid to my lips and he softly said, ” Shh, we have time Honey.  We have all the time in the world.  Now, let me hold you in my arms.  I feel so at peace in your arms baby.”

Johnny sat with his back against the wall and I was in between his strong powerful legs with my head on his chest.  My hands slid into his shirt and I caressed his hard chest, feeling the soft hair and hardening nipples.

Johnny’s left hand caressed my long silky hair and my  back, and his right hand slid to my cheek as his work calloused thumb gently caressed my cheek.

Val came in a while later with 2 trays of food and Johnny said, ” Why you got so much food?”                                                                                                                

” Mary at the hotel said one was for you and the one with the berries was for Emilie. “

Johnny gently woke me up and softly said, ” Honey, Mary sent us some dinner.  Looks like pot roast was the special tonight.”

Johnny and I ate our meals and Val and Johnny talked.

” Any news from Scott and Murdoch yet?”

As Val lowered his eyes and said, ” Not a peep Johnny.”   I saw Johnny’s shoulders sag a little bit.

” Don’t give up Amigo, they’ll find the guy.”

Johnny slowly nodded, then he turned to me and said, ” We aren’t giving up, are we Querida?

I smiled and said, ” No.”

We finished our meal , and Johnny pulled me to his body again, and we laid in each other’s arms for a few hours more.

About 10 pm , Val said visiting time was over and Jelly was here to take me to the hotel.  I’d been staying in the hotel since Johnny’s trial, so I was closer to him.  Jelly stayed  with me to keep an eye on me.  It wasn’t proper, but I didn’t care.

Everyone knew I was devoted to Johnny.  As we got ready to leave the jail, I turned to look at Johnny.  He reached for me and I went swiftly into his arms. He held me for a few minutes, gently swaying me in his arms.

Johnny pulled back a little and I felt both hands slide to my cheeks.  As his thumbs caressed me, Johnny leaned his head down and his lips gently caressed mine.

My eyes closed and I felt a tear slip out to gently roll down my cheek.

” Shh.  It will be fine Honey.  Get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning.”

I slowly moved to the cell door and Johnny said, ” Jelly, make sure she gets some rest, okay?”

” I will Johnny, don’t you worry none, you hear boy.”

I saw the smile come to Johnny’s lips and I looked  back once more and softly said, ” You try to rest too Johnny.  I’ll see you in the morning. “

As I left, I heard the cell lock behind me, and Val followed us to his outer office.

” Make sure he rests Val.  Don’t let him sit and worry. Please.”

” I’ll keep an eye on him Emilie, don’t you worry you hear.”

Val gently patted my arm and I turned to look one last time at Johnny.  I saw his soft smile and I smiled at him, and then Jelly and I left.

As we walked to the hotel, I softly said, ” Any news from Scott or Murdoch?”

” Scott sent a telegram.  They were just about to head into Arizona.  They seemed to have a good lead on him.  They’ll find the guy Honey, don’t you doubt that.  Scott and Murdoch won’t let you or Johnny down.”

We just got to the hotel door and I softly sighed and said, ” I hope not Jelly.”

Before we got to the steps, I looked at Jelly and quietly said, ” You want to go with me to have a drink?”

He looked at me, and said, kind of flustered, ” It ain’t proper for a woman to go into the saloon Emilie, unless she umm, worked there.”

” Everyone knows I’m Johnny Lancer’s wife and if they are indeed his friends, they will understand.”

” Okay, but you better hope Johnny don’t find out.”

I laughed and we went to the saloon.  As I walked in, I saw a few men smile softly and some asked how Johnny was and how I was holding  up.  I talked to them as I slowly made my way to the bar.  They all said to tell Johnny their prayers were with him.  I smiled softly and thanked them all.

When I got to the bar, Hank the bartender asked how Johnny was and I told him we were holding it together.  Then he looked at me and said, ” You ain’t been in here in a long time Miz Emilie.  I know you got a lot of coping to do.  Can I get you and Jelly a couple beers?”

” No Hank, a glass of tequila for me, Jelly what you gonna have?”

” I’ll just keep you company Honey.”

Hank poured me a full glass of tequila and he nodded his gentle understanding.  We sat at Johnny’s favorite table and I leaned against the wall and slowly sipped the fiery liquid.  The first few sips jolted my senses, and by the time half of the glass was empty, I was actually feeling numb.  

I softly spoke and Jelly got a little worried I was gonna get sick.  But I didn’t.

” He’s gotta be set free Jelly, he just has to be.  I can’t raise this baby without him.”

Jelly sat up and said, ” You having Johnny’s baby Honey?  What in tarnation you drinking fer!? “

Jelly went to pull the glass from my hand and I said softly, ” I just want this one drink Jelly.  Then no more.  I promise.”

I finished the drink and Jelly took a hold of my arm, and we walked to the hotel.  I heard Hank say good night and Jelly acknowledged him, I didn’t .

We got to the room and Jelly steered me to the bedroom and gently kissed my forehead.  

” You get some sleep Honey.  We’ll go see Johnny when you wake up.”

I smiled softly and closed the door.  I knew Jelly would fall asleep on the sofa in the other room.  I didn’t feel like sleeping, and I sat in the chair by the window, and I looked at the jail.

I saw a soft light and I knew Val was talking with Johnny.  I felt tears slip down my cheeks, and I prayed, once more, for Scott and Murdock to find this guy so Johnny could go free.

When dawn was slowly creeping thru town, I opened my eyes.  I was still in the chair by the window.  My boots were off and my legs were pulled up to the chair.  I saw a soft blanket was covering me and I smiled.  Jelly must have done that.

I got up, washed the dried tracks of my tears from my cheeks and brushed my long hair and put it up in some clips.  I smiled as I thought, ‘ Why do I clip my hair up, when 5 minutes after I’m with Johnny, all the clips are gone and my hair is loose and being wrapped around his fingers.’

I gently opened the door and saw Jelly just pouring 2 cups of coffee.

” Morning Honey.  Sleep well?”

Smiling, I took my cup and softly said, ” You should know, you put the blanket on when I fell asleep in the chair.”

” Well, didn’t want you getting a chill is all.”

Jelly gruffed around the room and said, ” Guess you can eat with Johnny.  I sent an order for your breakfasts, so I’m sure Val has gone to get them.  Ready Honey!”

Jelly opened the door and we walked to the jail.  Not many people were awake, which I thanked God for.  We met Val coming back to the jail with our breakfast.

He said to Jelly, ” Mary has yours waiting at the hotel Jelly.  She made your favorite.”

I saw Jelly’s eyes light up and he said, ” Flap jacks!”

Val laughed and Jelly kissed my cheek and said, ” I’ll leave you with Val and Johnny Honey.  Gonna go to Lancer, see how things are there.  I’ll be back later.”

I watched Jelly almost run back to the hotel.  I waited for Val to open the heavy door and then unlock the cell.  Johnny sat up and reached for me instantly.  I felt his soft kiss and his caressing to my cheeks and in my hair, pulling the clips out.  Laughing, I thought, ‘ Okay, wasn’t even 5 minutes that time!’

I felt Johnny’s fingers sliding into my long hair, as his lips gently caressed mine.

 ” Mmm, best way to wake up.  My love in my arms, her lips caressing mine and my hands in her hair, pulling those blasted clips out!”

I giggled and Johnny pulled me tighter to his hard body.  Even though I knew he fought it, while in the cell, I could feel his excitement against me.  My eyes closed and I nuzzled against Johnny’s neck, softly saying against his ear, ” Relax my love.  I want you so much too Johnny.  We’ll have time when this mess is fixed, I promise.”

I kissed his neck and I felt the tremor slide thru his body.

” I know Baby. First thing in the morning, I want and need you the most. “

” I know Johnny, I know.  I need you in my arms too.  I want to feel your body, your touch, see your eyes light up with desire.  I want you home so much Johnny.”

Johnny’s arms wrapped around me even tighter and he softly cooed to me.

” Shh, I know Honey.  Soon, I promise Emilie.  Now, let’s eat breakfast, before Val eats it all!”

Val put the trays on the tiny table and Johnny and I ate our breakfast.  Mary again put a bowl of berries on one of the trays.  After we were done, Johnny sat with his back to the wall, like before.  Before I laid against his chest in between his legs, Johnny’s soft voice said, ” How far along Honey?”

I sat up and looked at Johnny’s face.  His eyes held mine and I saw a small smile coming to his lips.  I just looked at Johnny and I said, ” How can you tell?”

Smiling fully, Johnny said, ” I’ve felt your body enough times to know if there is a change.  And I see the change in your eyes as well.  So how long Querida? “

” A month Johnny.  I wanted to tell you, but not in here.  It’s not the way I wanted to tell you Johnny.”

Johnny’s fingers slid to my cheek and he caressed my skin softly and said,

” Is okay Honey.  It gives me a pleasant thought to have when you aren’t here.  And soon, when I’m back at Lancer, I’ll see your body change and I’ll love you even more Emilie.”

Johnny pulled me down to his chest again  and that was where Johnny and I spent the day, locked in each other’s arms, talking softly, sleeping in each other’s arms.

The next week was spent the same.  I always had in my mind that one more week was left and where was Scott and Murdoch.  Johnny could sense I was getting worried, and he always tried to give me other things to think about.

Four days later, Murdoch came back into town, without Scott.  He and Johnny talked.  The trail had split and they each took a trail.  The trail Murdoch followed just suddenly stopped, and he headed back this way.  He told Johnny he hoped his brother had better luck.

He tried to get me to go back to Lancer and I said I would stay by Johnny’s side.  As the days were going by, Johnny got just a little more attentive to me.

One night, instead of Jelly coming to take me to the hotel, Val said, ” I’m gonna go have me a meal Johnny, I’ll be gone for about an hour okay?”

Johnny nodded and Val locked the inner door and Johnny and I were locked in the room with the cells.  Johnny got up and walked to the other cot.  He pulled both mattresses to the floor and then reached for me.

” Baby, I want to feel your body against mine.  I want to be inside of you, loving you.  Val knows what I wanted to do and he’s agreed.”

                             ****  ALERT  ****

Johnny pulled me to his body, and I felt the urgency in his body.  His fingers moving to the buttons on my dress.  My fingers moving to his chest, flying over the small pearl buttons on Johnny’s shirt.

As his chest was bared to my eyes, I slowly licked my lips.  We were soon naked in each other’s  arms. Johnny gently laid me down on the mattresses, caressing my body softly, marvelling at seeing the tiny bump in my belly as his baby grew.

I could feel Johnny’s body vibrating against me and still he held back.  I squirmed against Johnny, trying to get him to go inside of me.  Johnny nuzzled against my neck, sliding to my chest and caressing down my body.  

I begged Johnny and he slowly slid his fingers, one by one, into my body, gently twisting them inside me.  I felt them gently going in and out.  My eyes closed and a soft sigh of surrender fell from my lips.

Johnny was beginning to pant, with his rising desires and I noticed his face, chest and arms were coated in a soft sheen of sweat.  Johnny’s fingers slowly left my body and I felt Johnny moving my legs apart.

His body lying in between my legs, his excitement throbbing against me.  I felt his arms lifting my legs up and he moved his body closer to mine.  He slowly slid inside of me.

My body arched up against him and that caused Johnny to go even deeper inside of me.  Johnny held his body still for a minute, and then he slowly built to a rhythm, increasing the speed and depth of his body.

Johnny’s voice by my ear was urging me on, for me to submit fully to his body.  My body was responding to Johnny just as he know it would.  I could feel that tightening inside of me, and my head arched back and a cry of passion slid from my lips.

Against my cheek, Johnny’s husky voice said, ” Release your passions Baby.  Let me feel your excitement caress over me.”

As I felt Johnny nearing his own release, his body trembled against me.  His seed went deep into my body and Johnny’s roar of completion echoed in the cell.  My own orgasm caressed over Johnny and my cries mingled with Johnny’s.

                           ****  END ALERT  ****

Johnny’s body collapsed on me, but not heavily.  He raised his chest from me and looked  down at me.  His eyes held such love and desire for me, my heart swelled with my love for him.

” Dios!  That was so beautiful Mi Amour.”

Johnny’s fingers caressed the sweat from my face and his lips gently covered and caressed mine.  My hands rose to Johnny’s cheeks and I pushed his long, shaggy and silky black hair back from his beautiful sapphire eyes.

” Oh Johnny, that was what I needed.  To feel your body on mine, feel you buried deep inside me.”

I saw the soft smile, and Johnny rolled to his back.  He pulled me to his chest and we laid there, in each other’s arms.

” We don’t have a long time, before Val comes back, let’s get dressed Baby.”

Neither of us moved and Johnny softly said, ” Well, a few more minutes won’t matter.”

I snuggled into his chest, feeling the sweat on the dark hair covering his chest.  Johnny’s left hand caressed my cheek and his right hand held my left hand against his flat taut belly.

We laid there for about 20 minutes more and then I heard the door being unlocked, opening a little and Val’s voice saying he was back.  I could hear the sigh slip from Johnny’s lips and he stood and helped me up.  We got dressed and then his soft voice telling Val we were good.

When Val opened the door fully, we were sitting on the cot, just holding each other.  The mattresses were back where they belonged and it looked like nothing at all had happened.

Soon I heard Murdoch coming into the jail. He asked me to go out to Val’s office, he wanted to talk to Johnny.  After I left, I noticed Murdoch had closed the inner door.

” John, I haven’t heard from Scott.  I hope he found this guy and is bringing him in.  I hope he gets here before…… “

Murdoch lowered his head and closed his eyes.

” Murdoch, can you do something for me?  Can you take Emilie, back to Lancer, I don’t want her to be in town when, well, when it’s time.  Let her have the last few days and moments with me.”

” Sure John.  You know we’ll take care of her, if, well if Scott doesn’t make it back in time.”

Johnny sighed softly and played with the blue beads around his wrist and said, ” I left a will with Val.  But could I be buried on Lancer, the hill behind the house.  That way I’ll be able to watch over Emilie and my child.”

Murdoch’s head shot up.

” Your child John?”

Johnny smiled softly and said, ” She’s about a month into it.  Make sure nothing happens to her or the baby Murdoch.  Okay?”

Murdoch smiled back at his youngest son and softly said,  “Sure John. We’ll take care of all that.  Is, is there anything else you need or want?”

” No, everything is in the will.”

Murdoch stood up as did Johnny and he grabbed his son and pulled him to his chest.

” I love you John, don’t ever forget that.”

In Johnny’s voice, Murdoch could hear a tremor as he said, ” I love you too Papa.  Tell Scott, tell Scott I love him too.”

They held each other for a while longer and then Murdoch let his son go.

He turned and said, ” I’ll give you and Emilie a few minutes longer John and then I’ll take home.”

He turned back and looked at Johnny and softly caressed his son’s cheek.  Johnny’s eyes closed and Murdoch saw the tremor again run thru his son’s body.

I went back into the cell, and he instantly wrapped me in his arms.  He held me tightly and rocked me gently in his arms.

” Emilie, I asked Murdoch to take you home to Lancer.  I couldn’t bear it if you saw.  I want you to remember me at happier moments Honey.  Not like at the end.  I love you so much Emilie and I’ve not wished for one second that we had never met or married.  Take care of my child and tell him or her about me.”

Johnny’s lips caressed mine and I felt the tremors and my eyes filled with tears.

” Shh Honey, it will be okay.  Val and Sam will be there.  The townspeople all promised Val and Sam they wouldn’t watch either.  Val will bring me home.”

His hands went to my cheeks and he kissed me again, somehow harder than ever before.

” I’ll watch over you my love, always.  I love you Emilie.”

My tear filled eyes lifted to Johnny’s and I very softly said, ” I love you always Johnny and I’ll never be sorry I married you.  Ever!”

I laid my head on his chest and I tried to be strong for him.  

When we pulled apart, Johnny pulled off the blue beaded bracelet that had been around his wrist for as long as I’ve known him.  He pressed it into my hand and softly called to Murdoch.

Murdoch came and I felt his hand around my shoulder and he gently pulled me from Johnny’s side. I looked at Johnny and he was trying to be as brave as he could, but I saw the single tear slip down his cheek.

At the door, I turned one last time and he blew me a kiss and mouthed ‘ I love you.’  Then he kissed his fingers and pressed them over his heart.  I did the same and we left.

Before we left the jail, I asked Val to be there for him tonight, don’t let him dwell on sadness.  He said he would.

Before Murdoch and I left the jail, I was handed Johnny’s hat and gunbelt.  I held the belt close to my body, and Murdoch and I got into the surrey and went back to Lancer.  Murdoch’s horse was tied to the back.  Barranca had been brought back to Lancer a week ago.

When we got to Lancer, I got down from the wagon and I walked into the barn.  Murdoch watched as I went to Barranca’s stall and began to brush his golden hide, like Johnny always did.  I talked softly to the horse and  at times he nickered softly and laid his huge head on my shoulder.

When he did that, the tears fell from my eyes.  I laid my head against his neck and cried as my heart was breaking.

I don’t know how long I was crying, but I soon felt Murdoch’s arms going around me.  He picked me up and carried me to the room I had shared with Johnny for 6 years.  He covered me and sat with me until I cried myself to sleep.

He left and went downstairs.  Jelly was there and he said,  “That little girl is so broken up inside Jelly.  I hope she doesn’t lose Johnny’s baby.”

” I’ll make sure she’s okay Boss. Go and have something to eat, I’ll go sit with her tonight”

Jelly walked up the stairs and sat in a chair by my side and held my hand while he talked softly to me.  I knew he was there, but I remained quiet.  I pulled Johnny’s gunbelt closer to my chest. I finally do fall asleep and Jelly signed softly and leans back in the chair.

When I woke early the next morning, I got changed and went downstairs.  Both Murdoch and Jelly were surprised.  Maria gave me a soft kiss and sat me down to make breakfast.  I got up and moved to the chair Johnny usually sat in and drank the tea she gave me.

I heard the clock in Murdoch’s den chime 6 am and my eyes closed.  Six more hours and the only man I ever loved would be gone.  Murdoch knew I knew what time it would happen, and he and Jelly tried to distract me.

At 11, I went to the barn and saddled Barranca.  As I was heading out of the compound, Murdoch saw me running Barranca flat out.  He knew I was heading to our meadow.

Jelly came over and asked if he should go get me.  Murdoch sadly said, ” No, they both need time up there.”

When we got to the meadow, I unsaddled Barranca and he wandered away to the pond.  I sat against a tree, Johnny’s saddle against my right hip.  My fingers caressed over the leather tooled saddle, remembering how Johnny loved the symbols I had out on it.

It had taken me 4 months of hiding in the barn hayloft tooling the saddle I had bought Johnny.  The sparkle in his eyes as he unwrapped the gift.  The way his fingers caressed over each symbol.  The soft kiss that meant the world to me, as Johnny caressed my lips.

I leaned over and almost embraced the saddle against my chest.  Huge wracking sobs rose from my very soul.  I knew at that moment that Johnny was gone.  It was after noon.

I stayed up in our meadow, my head on the saddle, my hand on the saddle horn.  In my mind, I saw Johnny once more riding Barranca, his hat on his back, the wind blowing thru his dark hair, running free with his beloved horse.

I don’t know how long I was up there, but I had finally fallen into a restless sleep.  In my subconscious, I heard footsteps coming towards me.  I felt a hand caressing my cheek, and soft words being spoken.

” Emilie, Baby open your eyes Mi Amour.”

My lashes fluttered a few times, and as my eyes opened, the person above me was shadowed by the sun, so I couldn’t tell who it was, exactly.

As I woke more, the soft voice stirred my heart.

” Querida, its okay.  Everything is fine.  I’m here Baby.”

As I slowly began to sit up, my eyes focused and my heart began to pound in my chest.

” Johnny!  Is it really you!”

I saw the smile and he picked me up in his arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck, crying softly.

” Johnny how?”

” Shh, sit with me Mi Corazon and I’ll tell you.”

We sat under the tree  on the saddle blanket, Johnny’s fingers combing thru my hair.

” Scott got there about 10 minutes before Val was to put handcuffs on me.  He had to go and get the judge, who heard the confession and cleared me and here I am.  I found out from Murdoch, after he darn near squeezed the stuffing outta me, where you were.  I wish for all the world you never had to feel this pain Honey.  I’ll make it up to you.  I promise.”

I held tight to Johnny, thinking if I let go of him, he would vanish.

” Just hold me Johnny.  That’s all I need to feel.  Your arms around me, smell your scent and touch your body.  Then it will be alright.”

Johnny’s arms went around me tighter and then suddenly he leaned back.  I lifted my eyes to his and I saw the sparks in his beautiful sapphire eyes, as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it a little open.

I smiled as I leaned my cheek to his chest and felt the caress of the soft chest hair against me.

” I know you like doing that Emilie, and I kind of enjoy it when you rub your cheek against me.”

As I snuggled closer to his chest, it sounded almost like Johnny was softly purring.  We sat like that for a few hours.  

Gently, Johnny woke me and said, “We better get back before Murdoch sends out a posse.”

We stood and before he buttoned his shirt, I wrapped around Johnny’s body again, and felt the caress of his hair on my cheek.  Johnny’s deep throaty laugh rippled thru his body, and he softly said, ” We have all night to do this Honey.  Maria is making a feast, and I for one don’t want to get on her bad side.”

We laughed and Johnny rebuttoned his shirt and then whistled for Barranca.  The huge golden stallion raced when he heard his Master’s whistle.  He stopped and rose on his back legs a little and then shook his head.

” Hey boy, you miss me?”

Barranca nickered softly and chest butted Johnny.  He got him saddled and then lifted me into the saddle.  I watched Johnny as he gracefully leaped into the saddle and wrapped his arms around me as he turned the golden horse towards the ranch.

I leaned back against his chest, and his lips caressed my cheek and neck.  We got home and a ranch hand came out to take care of the horse.

Johnny reached for my hand and we went into the house.  Val and Sam were there.  I slowly walked up to Scott and stood on my toes and kissed his cheek and softly said, ” Thank you for finding that man.”

Scott wrapped his arms around me and quietly said, ” I had to jeep going until time was up, for my Brother and you.  I didn’t want you to have to be alone with reminders of Johnny everywhere.”

I was going to say something and Maria announced dinner was ready.  We all went to the big formal dining room, even Jelly was there.  When Johnny put a little of everything on my plate, I turned startled grey eyes to him and leaped up and ran for the back door.

Johnny jumped up and raced after me.  He found me by the corner of the house, bent over puking.  He pulled my hair back and rubbed my back and calmly cooed to me, until I was done.  

He took his hanky from his back pocket and gently wiped my mouth and face.

We stayed out in the fresh air for a few minutes, and just as we were gonna go in, Sam appeared.

” Emilie, are you alright my dear?”

Johnny caressed my cheek and he softly said, ” Yes, she’s fine Sam.  She just got a taste of morning sickness.  She’s a little over a month along.  We didn’t want to tell everyone, ya know, because of what almost happened.”

Sam’s brown eyes twinkled and he said, ” John, bring her in to my office tomorrow and I’ll check her out, and then you can make your announcement.  I won’t tell anyone until you say.”

I saw Johnny smile and he said, ” Okay Sam.”

We all went back in and Johnny told a worried family that it was my nerves finally rebelling.  I felt his left thigh against mine and he smiled softly.  He watched and made sure I ate.

When we all were done, Johnny gently took my hand and said,  

“I have a little time to make up to my wife for.  I will see you all tomorrow.”

Johnny and I went up to our room.  As Johnny shut the door, he stood with his back against it.  I saw a look of desire and longing flashing in his eyes.  Johnny slowly walked towards me, and very deliberately began to unbutton his shirt.

When it was unbuttoned, Johnny pulled it from the top of his black jeans.  Then he took his gunbelt off and let it fall to an over stuffed chair, then unbuckled the 2 sided belt he wore and opened his pants.

They hung on his hips and as Johnny got to within touching my body, I shivered as his touch caressed me.  Johnny slowly opened my shirt and then slid it from my arms.

He worked his way down my body with his fingers, skimming softly over my skin to my pants.  When I was standing in front of Johnny, naked, I reached to take his shirt off.  I slid it from his arms and I caressed his chest, feathering a touch over his nipples, thru the dark hair on his chest to his taut belly.

Johnny’s voice, suddenly deep and soft, said, ” I know what you want my love “

He gently laid me in our bed, and as I watched, he slowly slid his pants down his long muscled legs.

Johnny never took his eyes from mine and he knew the second I was in his control.  We made love all night, softly and gently, and just before 3 am, we finally fell into exhausted sleep.

We fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and as I slid deeper asleep, I heard Johnny’s contented purr.

Morning came quickly and we dressed and as we started to go downstairs, Johnny stopped.  He put his hands on my cheeks and lifted my face to his.  I felt the caress of his lips, hungry and rather attentive, and he said, ” I will love you forever Querida. “



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