Just Tell Me Why by Robyn B.

Word Count 5,899


I don’t own Lancer or any of the characters from their Tv show.  I’m not making any monetary rewards, just writing my stories. There really isn’t any rating and no warnings, this is a Very mild story.  This story is a cross over with The Big Valley..as I am using the services of Jarrod Barkley.


My mind was whirling.  Guilty! How the hell could Johnny be found guilty of killing his brother?!  He loves Scott and Scott loves Johnny.

I was running down the walkway to the jail.  Val would tell me the truth.  As I burst into the office, Val sputtered into his cup of coffee.

He turned flashing brown eyes to me and he said, ” What in tarnation!? “

Val saw it was me and he said, ” Jaime, I was wondering when you would come into town.  I guess you got the telegram about the trial.”

I was trying so hard not to lose it and Val saw my lips trembling.  He got up and steered me to a chair.

” Just sit there for a minute Jaime.  Breathe honey.”

Val sat on his desk and looked at me and said, ” I’m guessing you got the cable, same as me.”

” What’s going on Val?  Johnny wouldn’t kill Scott.  You know he wouldn’t.  He loves Scott!”

” I know that Jaime, but that lowlife cousin of their’s testified that he’d heard Johnny tell Scott he wasn’t gonna watch his back anymore.”

I breathed deeply and I said, ” Johnny is always telling  Scott that.  Every time he says he won’t watch Scott’s back, Johnny gets hurt.  How the hell could someone who hasn’t known them for any longer than 2 years say Johnny wanted to kill Scott!?  And how could that jury and Judge believe that one piece of evidence?  Didn’t Jarrod Barkley make that clear, that Chad didn’t know them for a long time and how could he say Johnny wanted Scott dead?  For what!?  Scott shared with Johnny, everyday!”

I stood up and started to pace.

” Jaime, sit down woman!  You’re making me nervous! “

I stopped by the window and I said, ” I’m going to Sacramento Val.  I have to see Johnny and try to tell that Judge that Johnny wouldn’t kill his brother.”

Val looked at me thru squinted eyes and said, ”  Next stage leaves in 2 hours.  Want some company on the ride?”

I spun around and the relief that flew to my eyes was all the thanks Val needed.  He went to the back of the jail and opened the door.  He called his deputy in and told him that we were going to Sacramento.

” Do you think there’s time to get some of the letters that some of the townspeople wrote on behalf of Johnny?”

” Yes can you gather them up for me Matt?”

He was out the door in a flash.  I told Val I’d get the tickets and spun thru the door.  We waited at the depot and Matt came with about 20 letters, and my eyes kind of filled with tears.

” Thank everyone for me Matt.”

” Just bring Johnny home.  That would be all the thanks they need.”

We heard the stage coming in and I said, ” Can you get a message to Jelly, telling him where I’ve gone and that I’m with Val?”

” Will do Jaime. Tell Johnny we all send our prayers for him.”

I leaned over and I gently kissed Matt’s cheek.  The stage shuttered to a stop and Val helped me up. I sat on one side of the coach, all those letters held tightly in my hands.  Val got in and shut the door and the driver told us we were heading out.

There was not many stops, a few to water the horses and change out the teams.  We got to Sacramento in 2 days time. I was dusty, tired and hungry, the same for Val.

We both decided to head to the court house.  I saw Murdoch and Jarrod walking towards the jail, and I hoped that was where they held Johnny.

I ran up to Murdoch and all but launched myself into his strong arms.

” Jaime sweetheart!  What are you doing here?”

” I have to make that Judge see that Johnny wouldn’t kill Scott.  I have letters from a lot of the townspeople who have known Johnny way longer than Chad.  They know how Scott and Johnny tease each other.  Chad doesn’t!  I should be able to tell how Johnny and Scott are.  I been Johnny’s wife for 5 years Murdoch.  I even know them longer than Chad. “

My eyes began to fill and get shiny with unshed tears.

” Please Jarrod, ask the Judge to hear me and read the letters.  Please!”

Jarrod looked at the letters, and he saw that some of them were from very influential people in Morro Coyo.

” I’ll do what I can Jaime.”

Jarrod put the letters in his briefcase and turned and went back into the courthouse to see the Judge.  Murdoch gently cupped my chin and said, ” I bet you both want to see Johnny.  You being here, Jaime, will make Johnny happy.”

I looped my arm thru Murdoch’s and I very quietly said,     “Where’s Chad?”

” After he testified, he sort of vanished.  I guess he thought I’d be angry with him for what he said.”

Under my breath, I said, ” I’d have been.  I’d disown him from the family.  Family is supposed to stand behind family, Murdoch.  Him testifying to something he really doesn’t know about in the 2 years he’s been here.”

I heard the sigh slip from Murdoch’s lips and Val gently chuckled.

” I know sweetheart.  Maybe these letters and your testimony as John’s wife will turn the Judge’s decision.”

We walked to the jail, where Johnny was being held, and we walked inside.  The sheriff looked up and said, ” Afternoon Mr Lancer.  You here to see Johnny? “

” Yes Sheriff Grant.  This is John’s wife Jaime and the Sheriff  of Morro Coyo, Sheriff Val Crawford.”

” The Sheriff and I have met before Murdoch.  How you been Kevin ?”

He smiled and said, ” Doing okay Val, but not crazy about this case.  Something ain’t right, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Sheriff grabbed the keys and told me to follow him.

” Johnny, you got a visitor!”

Johnny looked up from the book he was reading, and he bolted to his feet, a huge smile slipping to his lips.

” Jaime!  Oh baby, I’m so glad you are here.  I’ve missed you so much.”

The Sheriff opened the door and I flew to Johnny’s side.  I felt his arms wrapping around me and he held me close to his chest.  I buried my face into Johnny’s neck and his silky black hair tickled my nose.

I inhaled Johnny’s scent and closed my eyes.  He rocked me back and forth in his arms, and it seemed neither of us wanted to release the other.

” Can I leave the door open Johnny, or are ya gonna try and escape on me?!”

The Sheriff chuckled and Johnny smiled.

” I think you can trust me Sheriff. “

The Sheriff left and went to talk to Murdoch and Val.  Johnny and I sat on the cot and Johnny pulled me to his chest and held me in his arms.

” I’m so glad you’re here Querida, but can’t help seeing why.  I didn’t want you to see this nonsense.”

” I had to come here Johnny.  Don’t be angry.  Lancer takes care of her own.  Murdoch’s cable said that Chad’s testimony was taken seriously.  Johnny, he’s only been at Lancer 2 years, how does he know how you and Scott joke around.  That’s why I’m here.  Jarrod is asking if I can testify.  I’ve known you and Scott 5 years Johnny.  My knowledge would be important.  I also brought about 20 letters from the people of Morro Coyo too.”

I saw a soft smile come to Johnny’s lips and he very softly said, ” They did?  I didn’t know that many people liked me.”

I looked at Johnny and quietly said, ” Johnny, a lot of people in Morro Coyo like you.  They respect you for turning your life around.  Johnny, you have worth and this proves it.  Please, I wish you would accept that people do like you.  You are a good and likeable man.”

Johnny closed his eyes, but not before I saw the raw emotions come to those blue eyes.  Johnny leaned back against the wall and I layed on his chest.  I wanted to lie in Johnny’s arms and feel his touch on my body.  But seeing how that was kind of not going to happen, in the cell, I just layed my head on his chest and slid my arm across his belly.

Johnny’s arms around me caressed my arm, and even tho I had my clothes on, I still felt the heat that Johnny was creating.

” I don’t understand why Chad would do something like this.  He’s got a family and he’s willing to let one of them hang for something he didn’t do.  Why would he Johnny?”

Johnny was quiet, his head lying on his pillow and me lying on his chest, listening to his heart beating steady and strong.

Softly, Johnny sighed and then said, ” I don’t know Querida.  I’ve been a good friend, I would stick up for Chad when others would tease him.  I don’t know why he would think he knows me and Scott to even testify to what even happened, which wasn’t anything.  We were teasing each other like we’ve done since we met 8 years ago.”

I didn’t know what to say to Johnny.  I gave him my support and I snuggled close to Johnny’s muscled chest.

” I wish we were home, and that we’d never heard of Chad.”

Again the soft sigh slipped from Johnny’s lips.

” Me too baby.  Let’s not talk about him anymore, I just want to hold you in my arms for as long as I can.”

I smiled against Johnny’s chest and his arms tightened around me.  I was almost asleep in Johnny’s arms, when Jarrod came in.

Johnny and I both sat up and I saw that Jarrod had a huge smile on his face.

” Well, I gave the Judge the letters and told him that Johnny’s wife would like to testify.  He said that you could Jaime tomorrow morning.  He was rather impressed with the letters also.  The Judge personally knows a few of them and he knows they are respected citizens.  I think this is going to take Chad’s testimony right out of the equation.”

Johnny grabbed  me in his arms and spun me around.  We all laughed and I saw that even Val was smiling.

Murdoch and Val went to get us all lunch so we could eat with Johnny.  We were back in his cell, talking softly, holding each other.

I heard the door open and then I heard Chad’s voice saying he was here to see his cousin.  I felt myself tense immediately upon hearing his voice.  Johnny’s soft voice against my cheek soothed and calmed me.

We stayed in each other’s arms and when Chad walked into the back room, we saw the surprise look on his face.

” Well Jaime!  You are here.  It’s nice to see you with Cousin Johnny.  I’m sure he’s missed you. “

Johnny looked rather coldly at Chad and he said, his voice sounding icy, ” Why shouldn’t we miss each other Chad?  We’ve been married 5 years, we know what the other feels.”

Chad looked at his Cousin and you could just see the wheels going around in his brain.

” I know that Johnny.  Didn’t mean nothing by it.”

It was then that Murdoch and Val came in with lunch for us all.

Murdoch looked hard at Chad and he said, ” Well, Chad I didn’t think you would be around here after your testimony.  We didn’t get you any lunch.  If you want, you can go get something and bring it here and eat with us.”

Chad looked like he was ready to explode, and Johnny wrapped his arms around me tighter, as if to show Chad he would protect me come hell or high water.

” No, that’s okay.  I got something to do anyway.”

Chad practically stomped off out the door and I looked at Murdoch.

” Well, I’d say Chad was a bit mad, wouldn’t you?”

Johnny stood next to me and he was a little too quiet.

” Son, is anything wrong?”

Johnny lifted his downcast eyes and I saw that he was troubled about something.  I put my hand on Johnny’s cheek and softly said, ” Johnny?  What’s wrong baby?”

Johnny’s eyes opened and he looked at all of us and very quietly said, ” I felt something when Chad was in here.  It was so much more than anger, it felt almost evil Murdoch.  Chad knows what happened to Scott.  I feel that Scott is still alive and he’s hurt badly.  I feel he’s in trouble Murdoch and that bastard  knows where he is.”

Val put his sandwich down and said, ” Think I’ll go see what Chad is up to Johnny.  He didn’t see me, so he won’t be suspicious.  I’ll find out what he’s up to.  We’ll get you out of here Amigo.”

Johnny smiled at Val and words weren’t necessary.  Val turned and left the jail.  Murdoch sat on the chair by the Sheriff’s desk.

” John, do you really believe Scott is alive?”

” Yes I do Murdoch.  Scott and I have a bond and we can feel when each other is hurt.”

I felt a shiver run up my spine and it was a pretty spooky feeling.  Johnny felt my trembling and he held me against his chest.

” Shh, it’s okay baby.  Chad is just acting strange and I will bet you a month’s wages that he knows what happened to Scott.”

We finished our lunch and we held each other for a bit longer.

Finally, Murdoch said, ” Jaime, I think you should go and rest at the hotel.  You have had a very frustrating day.  I’ve gotten you a room when I went to get our meals.  I’ll stay and keep Johnny company.  You go and rest for a few hours.”

Johnny put his hands on my shoulders and held me at arms length.

“I think Murdoch is right, and you know I hardly ever say that!”

I smiled and heard Murdoch’s snort of a chuckle.  Johnny chuckled softly, ” Go rest honey and we’ll have dinner and Jarrod will be here too.  I’ll be fine baby and counting the seconds until you are back in my arms.”

Then Johnny pulled me to his chest and as his arms wrapped around my back, I lifted my arms to slide around his neck.  I felt the soft caress of Johnny’s long black hair against my hands.

Softly, against Johnny’s warm neck, I quietly said, ” Wish you were going to be there with me Johnny.  I miss not having your arms around me.”

” Soon Querida soon.”

I closed my eyes and put my head to Johnny’s chest, and the strong steady beat of his heart was very reassuring for me.

” Okay, get going baby, or you won’t get any rest.”

We all smiled and I softly laughed.  I gently kissed Johnny’s lips and went to move away, but I felt Johnny’s hand on my arm gently pulling me back.  Both of his hands went to the sides of my face and Johnny leaned his head down.

I felt Johnny’s lips possessing mine, with a soft gentleness, but also with a power I’d missed.  Johnny pulled me closer to his hard body, my heart began to beat faster and harder in my chest.

When Johnny pulled his lips from mine, my breath was coming in tiny pants.  ” Mmm.  Dios Querida.  You do make me insane, do you know that?”

“Yes, I know that Johnny.  I’ve known for 5 and a half years.  Why do you think I married you.”

I had a teasing glint in my eyes and it was answered by Johnny’s teasing glint.  We stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed an eternity and then Johnny gently broke the contact.  I felt cold after I left Johnny’s arms.

I said I’d be back and have dinner with Johnny.  I left after Murdoch promised to stay with Johnny. I walked out the door and headed to the hotel.  I got to the front desk and the little girl behind the counter was so cute, I smiled at her.

” I believe you have a room reserved for me. Name is Jaime Lancer. “

” Oh yes, we do Ma’am.  Please sign the register.”

I did and she handed me a key.  I asked her if a tub and hot water could be brought up.  She said she’d see to it herself.  I went up the stairs to the 2nd floor and opened the door.

I stood with my mouth open in awe.

” Good grief Murdoch!  This room is more than I need!”

I  went to the balcony doors and opened them.  The view was absolutely breathtaking.  I saw a couple parcels on the table and I opened one of them.  It was a new dress.  I smiled as I realized that I hadn’t remembered to pack any changes in clothes. Thank God Murdoch was thinking.

I  stood on the balcony and just looked at the view.  I wished with all my heart that I could share the view with Johnny.  I sighed and hoped the Judge would disregard Chad’s testimony and take mine instead. After all, I know the brothers over 5 tears, as opposed to Chad’s 2 months.  

I turned when I heard a knock on the door.  I walked to the door and opened it without asking who it was, thinking it was the tub and water.

When I saw who it was, I tried to shut the door and he pushed it open.  I saw he had a gun pointed at me.

” What do you want Chad?! “

” I found out you are gonna talk to the Judge.  I couldn’t do anything about them letters you gave him.  But I can keep you from talking to that Judge.”

I started to back up from Chad, as he came into the room.  I wasn’t brave enough with Chad holding that gun.

” Why are you doing this Chad?  Scott and Johnny treated you like family.  What did you do to Scott?  Did you kill him Chad?!”

I was beginning to get panicky and I tried to calm my breathing and my fast beating heart.

” Oh, you’ll see what I did to Scott.  And when you ain’t there to testify, Johnny Madrid  will die.”

That caught my attention and I very softly said, ” He’s not been Madrid for almost 10 years Chad.  If you truly knew Johnny, you’d know that!”

” Well, he’s Madrid to me!  He made me think Cally was him and I shot her!”

“Chad, you killed her not Johnny.  You were the one not Johnny!  Why have you hurt Scott?”

Chad walked around the room and he saw the pretty new dress in the package on the table.

“Because Scott never liked me.  I figured if I got rid of Scott and framed Johnny, I’d have my revenge on both of them.”

I just stared at him, seeing him for the first time really, and then said, very slowly and filled with hate, ” You are insane Chad!  How long have you been planning this?”

I was beginning to measure the distance to the bathroom door and I heard Chad’s voice, as filled with hate as mine was.

” From the day he killed Cally.  He took away the one I loved and I’m going to do that to Johnny.  Take someone he loves.”

I sort of shook my head and that was when Chad jumped at me.  He had a rag with chloroform on it, and I tried to fight against him.  I soon found myself surrendering to the darkness.

When I regained consciousness, it was to a deeper darkness.  I was lying on a cot of some sort.  I slowly sat up and let my eyes adjust to the darkness I found myself in.

I saw what looked like a lamp and I moved towards it, feeling around for a match.  After I lit the lamp, I turned around to see where I was.

I saw another cot in a corner, and there was a body curled up on it.  I slowly walked to the cot, and called out to the person.  I heard a soft moan and the person slowly and with obvious pain, turned over.

I softly gasped as I saw Scott lying there.  His face was swollen, bruised and bleeding.  The way he cradled his arm against his body, he had either a broken arm or bruised or broken ribs.

” Oh God, Scott!  What did he do to you?!”

I ran to get the lamp and looked around for rags and some water to clean his  injuries a bit.  I found a bowl and put some water in it.  I brought it over to where Scott layed.

I could only find a couple clean rags and I used those to clean Scott’s injuries.  I tore pieces of my dress off and used them for a sling for his arm and to keep his ribs bound up.

Every time Scott hissed in pain, my heart clenched.

” I’m sorry Scott.  I don’t mean to hurt you.  I’m trying to be careful.”

His silver blue eyes opened and I saw such pain in the depths, my heart broke even more.

” It’s okay Jaime.  Nothing that can be helped.”

After I was done cleaning Scott up, I let him rest.  I walked around looking for someway out.  I must have checked it all over 3 times, before I heard Scott’s soft voice calling me.

I walked back to where he layed.  I had gotten some clean water and poured some in a clean coffee cup.  I helped Scott to lift his head and I gave him a couple sips.

” Not too much Scott, you can’t afford to lose any.”

After a couple sips, Scott leaned back against the wall.

” I imagine Johnny and Murdoch know you’re missing too.  I wish I could have 5 minutes alone with Chad.  He really snookered us, especially Johnny.  God, to be accused of killing your own brother.  I wish I could tell Johnny I was still alive.”

Scott seemed to get a little more depressed and I closed my eyes and could have kicked myself.  I sat on the edge of the cot and looked at Scott.

” I can’t find anyway out of here Scott. I have to testify tomorrow morning.  I don’t want to think that if I don’t, Johnny could………..”

Scott lifted his eyes and reached his hand to my cheek.

” Don’t Jaime.  I’m sure Murdoch has already notified the Judge that you are missing.  I’m quite sure that Jarrod has also talked to him as well.  Murdoch will do anything to keep Johnny safe.  You’ll see.”

He took as deep a breath as he could and then said, ” We have to find a way out of here.”

I thought for a minute and then said, softly, ” Since Chad has had you here, has he come to give you food or to even see if you are still alive?”

” Yes, he was here about 4 days ago, as close as I can tell.”

I thought a little more and I looked around again.  I suddenly got a huge smile on my face.  Scott smiled and said, ” Did you find something helpful?!”

” I sure did Scott.”

I walked back to where Scott sat and I showed him a big piece of wood.

” I don’t know if I’ll be able to swing it Jaime.”

I patted his arm and said, ” You don’t have to, I’m gonna do it.  Did you think all those times I helped  Johnny load hay bales was for nothing?!”

I had a very mischievous gleam in my eyes and Scott softly laughed.

” Let’s hope you hit him hard enough so we can get out of here.  Although I don’t even know where we are.  Do you honey?”

” No, but I’m sure we can figure it out Scott.  First, we need to incapacitate Chad so we can get back to town. “

There wasn’t anything to eat, but we did have water.  It was beginning to get dark and I lifted my head up and softly said,  ” I hear a horse Scott.”

Scott looked at me and reached over to the lamp and lowered the wick a little.  His silver blue eyes silently wished me good luck.

I got behind the door, it opened into the room.  When Chad came in, he saw Scott lying on the cot.  As he walked towards Scott, I made my move.  I swung the piece of wood.  Chad went down like a ton of bricks.

Scott turned the wick back up and smiled at me.

” Way to go.  Johnny will be so proud honey.”

I pulled the key from Chad’s fingers and took his gun.  Scott and I went out the door and I made sure to lock the door, so Chad wouldn’t get away.

Scott slowly walked to the horse and he felt the animal’s chest.

” He didn’t ride this animal far, he’s not even breathing hard.  I think we are close to town.  We’re gonna have  to ride double Jaime.”

I helped Scott up into the saddle and he closed his eyes and breathed deep and got the pain controlled.  Then I mounted behind Scott and I took up the reins.  We started off and it was maybe twenty minutes later and we got to the town limits.

I steered the horse to  the jail.  Then I slid off the animal and helped Scott down.  We walked into the jail.  Murdoch, Sheriff Grant, Val and Johnny were all instantly on their feet.

Murdoch went to Scott and wrapped his arms around his eldest boy.  Scott seemed to collapse against his father.

Johnny came to my side and wrapped his arms around me.  He held me and I layed my head in his chest.  In a voice that was so tired sounding, I said, ” Chad was the one Johnny.  He attacked Scott and was holding him in a cabin outside of town.  I knocked him out and we took his horse.  Here’s the key Val. I guess you can go get him.”

Johnny looked at me and he said, ” How’d you get to where Scott was?”

I lowered my eyes and I said, ” He drugged me and I woke up in the cabin with Scott.”

Murdoch had Scott in one of the cells lying down and he said, ” You need the Doctor Jaime?  I’m going to get him to look at Scott.  Then I’ll go see the Judge with Jarrod.  I do believe we can get Johnny exonerated for killing his brother, and we can get him released.”

I watched Murdoch and Val leave.  Johnny’s arms held me close and I snuggled into his deep embrace.  We sat in a cell next to the one Scott was in.  We layed in each other’s arms and I said quietly, ” I can’t wait until you are free Johnny and I can touch your body again!”

Scott weakly chuckled.  ” That was all that was going thru her head.  She had to get to you.  If she didn’t talk to the Judge, you would be hung for killing me, brother.”

Johnny’s hand slid up into my hair and my eyes closed with that soft gentle caress.

” Well, now you are alive Boston, so I’m not guilty of anything.”

Scott closed his eyes, but I noticed he had a smile on his face.  Soon Murdoch was back with the Doctor and he examined Scott.  He wrapped Scott’s ribs and rechecked his arm.

” Nothing broken Son, just a lot of bruises.  You should be fine in a week or so.  Take it easy on chores and keep that sling on.”

Then the Doctor tended to me.  It wasn’t too bad and soon he left.  Scott had fallen asleep and Johnny and I went out to the other room to let him sleep.

Johnny sat me on the edge of the Sheriff’s desk, and slid his body against mine.  I loved the soft touches, but frankly, it was making me a little bit horny.

I wanted to feel Johnny’s body, and I found myself breathing deeply.  Of course that wasn’t a new feeling, I always did that whenever I was in Johnny’s arms.

Jarrod came in the jail, all smiles, and he said, ” Johnny, Judge Lewis would like to have a talk with you and Jaime.”

Johnny looked at me and said, ” Talk to us?  Did you explain  what happened?”

Jarrod laughed and said, ” Yes I did Johnny.  But he wants to hear from you and Jaime, just the same.”

I got sort of pale and Johnny’s hand on my cheek was a great calming agent.

We all walked to the courthouse.  When we got to where the Judge was, Jarrod said, ” Johnny, you and Jaime can go on in.  Murdoch and I will wait out here.”

The court clerk came out and he escorted us into the Judge’s chambers.  Johnny held my hand and when we walked in, the Judge looked up.

He had a smile on his face.  ” Come in and make yourselves comfortable.  That will be all, for now, Charles.”

The Judge then turned to us and came around his huge desk, and pointed to a sofa.  ” Let’s talk about a couple things, shall we?”

Johnny and I sat down, Johnny’s hand never leaving mine.

” Your lawyer has told me a little about what happened, and now I would like to hear from the both of you.  Especially you, Mrs Lancer.  You’ve known John Lancer for 5 and a half years.  I would think you would know more about your husband, than someone who only met you all in the last 2 years.  So please, if you would, tell me what transpired after you arrived in our town.”

I proceeded to tell the Judge how I was drugged by Chad, who told me why he planned to frame Johnny for killing Cally.  Even tho it was Chad who shot her.  He began to plot and plan how to get rid of Scott and frame Johnny.  I told the Judge how when I saw Scott, he was almost dead.  He was beaten, dehydrated and probably hadn’t had any medical care.

” You tended to Scott and told him what Chad had told you, correct Mrs Lancer? “

I said that was correct.  Then the Judge stood up and he walked to his desk.

” Mr Lancer, in lew of the fact that your brother is not deceased, and your wife had been taken by the same person who hurt your brother, and the fact he told her why he did this.  I’m inclined to dismiss these charges against you and release you promptly. “

Johnny got very quiet and leaned back on the sofa.


He lifted his sapphire eyes and then softly he said, “Released?  That’s what he said.”

Smiling I leaned over and caressed his cheek with my lips.  

” Yes he did.  Let’s go home to Lancer Johnny. “

We stood up and Johnny put his hand out and his soft voice, filled with emotions, said, ” I want to thank you Your Honor. “

The Judge only smiled and shook Johnny’s hand.

” My pleasure young man.”

As we were leaving  the Judge’s chambers, his clerk came in.

” Sheriff Crawford has the other guy in custody  Your Honor. “

I saw Johnny’s eyes harden to blue ice and he quietly said, ” I want to talk to Chad.  I want to hear from his lips why he did this to me.”

We turned and walked to the jail once more, Murdoch accompanying us there.  Scott was up and sitting in a chair in the Sheriff’s office.  

Val saw the look on Johnny’s face and he just pointed to the back room.  Johnny sat me in a chair and walked slowly to the back room.  He pulled the door that separated the front room from the cells closed.

I was suddenly afraid of what would happen and I started to  get up, and Murdoch put his hand on my shoulder.

” Let him do this himself honey.”

I turned my eyes to the door and lifted one hand, which I placed on the wooden door.

Johnny walked slowly to the cell that held Chad.  His eyes were as hard as ice and his voice, that soft chilling voice of Johnny Madrid.

” Tell me one thing Chad, why?”

Chad looked up from his seat on the cot and said, ” You killed Cally.  In the hills we seek revenge. “

Johnny shook his head and said, ” No Chad, your finger pulled the trigger.  I wasn’t even wearing my gun.  You killed her.  And tried to frame me for killing my brother.  You kidnapped and hurt my brother and you hurt my wife.  We welcomed you into our family.  How could you do that, when you were the one guilty.  Now you are going to prison for a long time, and what’s worse yet Chad, you lost your chance at a family.  I wanted to be your friend Chad.  But when you hurt my family, that’s it.  Good bye Chad. “

 Before Chad could say anything, Johnny turned and left the room, shutting the door behind him.  He stood by the door, breathing hard.

I could see that Johnny Madrid still had a hold of Johnny’s emotions, and I stood still until I saw him relax.

When Johnny opened his eyes, he softly said ” Jaime, I want to go home to Lancer. “

I walked to Johnny and put my arms around him.  I gently kissed Johnny’s lips and said, as softly as Johnny, ” Yes, let’s go home Johnny.”



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