His Vengeance by Robyn B.

Word Count 6,056


I don’t own Lancer or any of the characters from the tv show.  I do, however, like to take them for a run around the ranch every so often.

This story has a WARNING towards the end for sexual content, so for those who are uncomfortable with that kind of content, you have been warned.


I was in Sam’s waiting room.  I was just sitting in a chair, the tears on my cheeks had long ago stopped, but was still evident on my cheeks.

Val was sitting next to me, trying to hold it together for me, but he was having a rough time.

I stared straight ahead, not even knowing he was there.  My dress still had the blood stains from Johnny’s body as I held him.

Johnny had been ambushed in the street, 3 men on rooftops had opened fire on him.  Johnny did manage to get a couple shots off, before he had dropped to the ground.

Val had raced from the jail and covered Johnny as he layed on the ground.  Val yelled at me to stay in the store till he said it was clear.

As all 3 men layed on the ground dead, I ran out to Johnny.  I

picked him up into my arms and held him close to my body as I cried.

I counted 4 bullet holes in his chest, and one in his right thigh.  As I gently brushed his sweat soaked hair back, I saw his eyelashes flutter.

” Val!  Johnny’s alive!  Get Sam!”

He raced to Sam’s office and Sam came racing out.  He saw Johnny was still alive and he called 2 guys over to help carry Johnny to his office.

After Johnny was placed on the table, I sat in the waiting room, Val by my side.  I was almost afraid to even breathe.  Val had sent someone to Lancer and soon Murdoch and Scott were racing into town.

Murdoch came to me and saw the condition I was in, and slowly reached for me.  As he pulled me to his hard chest, I felt his arms folding around me.  My tears fell to his chest and he softly said, ” Shh Lee.  John is strong.  He’ll be fine.”

Murdoch gently stroked my hair and asked Val what happened.  Val said, in a tight strained voice what had happened.  Scott looked up and thru his tears he said, ” They gunned Johnny down?  Who the hell were they?! “

Val looked at Scott and said, ” They worked for a man called Mendoza.  He had a grudge against Johnny.  They were sent here to kill Johnny.”

I had my face buried against Murdoch’s chest when Sam came out.  ” Sam? “

” He’s alive Murdoch, don’t ask me how.  That boy has a guardian angel on his shoulder.”

Scott breathed a sigh of relief and sank into a chair.  Sam came and put a strong hand on my shoulder.

” You can go back and sit with Johnny.  He’s unconscious, but I’m sure he will know you are there.”

Murdoch released my body and I slowly stood up.  Scott reached for my hand and softly said, ” We’re here if you need us Lee.  You don’t have to bear this alone.”

I smiled at Scott and walked into the back room. Johnny layed on the bed, pale and very still.  His chest was covered with bandages as I’m sure his thigh was too.   I walked to the bed and slowly sat in the chair.  I gently brushed the bangs  from his face.

Smiling sadly, I thought that they were always so shaggy.  My fingers caressed Johnny’s cheek and he felt like he was starting a fever.  I gently kissed Johnny’s lips with mine, and I tried to keep my tears in check.

I reached for his hand and my fingers caressed the simple band on his finger, the match to the one I wore.  My thoughts were screaming at me, ‘ Don’t leave me Johnny!’

I layed my head gently on his shoulder, feeling the caress of his silky hair against my cheek.  I still had Johnny’s blood on my dress, and I could smell the sweet coppery scent as I layed my head on Johnny’s shoulder.

I slid my other hand gently over Johnny’s chest, even tho it was covered by bandages, I felt his heart beating against the wrappings.  I stayed like that way into the evening.

Scott came in and tried to get me to leave, but I refused.  I fell into an exhausted sleep, before I felt a gentle caress to my cheek.  I thought I was dreaming, and then I felt it again.  I woke up and lifted my head.

Johnny’s eyes were sort of half closed, and his fingers were poised to caress my cheek again.

” Johnny, oh God you’re awake!”

My soft caress to his cheek caused him to close his eyes.

” What happened? I was walking across the street to meet you.  I felt fire in my chest and then I wake up here. “

I swallowed and said, ” You were bushwacked on the street Johnny.  You got one of them, Val got the other two.  Sent by Mendoza Johnny.  You were hit 5 times.  Sam said you had a guardian angel on your shoulder, because he doesn’t know how you made it.”

” Feels like my whole body is on fire.”

I reached for a cool cloth and wiped it across Johnny’s face and neck.  His eyes closed and he softly said, ” That feels nice baby.”

I started to get up and Johnny tightened his grip on my hand.

” I just want to get Murdoch and Scott. They’re worried sick Johnny.”

Johnny licked his lips slowly and said quiet!y, ” No, I want to be with you for awhile longer.  I just need to make sure you’re okay.”

I smiled and slid my fingers across Johnny’s cheek.

” I’m fine Johnny. “

He touched the blood on my dress and said, “This isn’t your blood Lee?”

My voice hitched for a moment, and I very softly said, ” No, its your’s when I held you in the street.”

Johnny seemed to relax when he found out I wasn’t hurt.  Murdoch and Scott came into the room, when they heard our voices.

” Glad to see you awake Son.  You are extremely lucky.  5 bullets.  Just glad you are okay John.”

I saw the soft smile that fell to Johnny’s lips.  Scott also said he was relieved it wasn’t more serious.  From the doorway, Sam said, ” It’s serious enough Scott.  John has lost a lot of blood.  He’s gotta rest here, drink water and try to increase his volume.  I’m guessing 2 weeks before he’s even able to tolerate a wagon ride back to Lancer.  Then at least a month if not more recovery at Lancer. “

I saw Johnny’s eyes close and I knew that he was already dreading the time he was gonna be down.  Sam looked at Johnny and saw he was fast tiring.  He told Murdoch and Scott they should head back to Lancer.

” No, we’ll get rooms at the hotel. Lee, you need to get out of those bloody clothes and you need rest and food as well.”

I wanted to stay with Johnny, but Sam said he was going to give him a sleeping powder and he was going to sleep as well.

Johnny softly caressed my cheek and said, ” You need to rest honey, and get out of those blood covered clothes.  I’ll be okay.  Sam won’t let anything happen to me.  I’ll be here when you come over in the morning.”

I held Johnny’s hand and I had a fearful look on my face and I softly said, ” We’ve never been apart at night since we got married Johnny.  I feel safer in your arms.”

“Shh, it’s okay.  Murdoch and Scott will be next door and they won’t let anything happen to you.  Sam is right honey.  We all need rest.  I can barely keep my eyes open and I’m starting to feel pain in my chest.  Please honey, for me, go get some rest.  It will be okay.”

I saw the look in Johnny’s eyes as he held my gaze.  I knew I had to sleep and rest if I was going to be of any use to Johnny.  I caressed his cheek and leaned over and gently slid my lips across his lips.

” I’ll be back early baby.  Try not to give Sam too much grief, okay baby.”

I saw the quick spark in Johnny’s blue eyes and I softly laughed.  Murdoch and Scott were in front of me and before I was all the way out the door, I heard Johnny’s soft voice, filled with raw pain say, ” Sam, I need something for the pain.  Don’t tell them.”

Sam sighed and prepared a shot of morphine for Johnny.  I saw, from the doorway, and my eyes filled with tears.  If Johnny was asking for drugs, he must truly be in pain.

I wiped my eyes and went with Scott and Murdoch to the hotel.  Scott went to the mercantile to get me a dress to wear, and Murdoch got 2 rooms.  As we walked up to our rooms, Murdoch said, ” After Scott brings you a dress, clean up and we’ll have something to eat and then call it a night.  Then we can go early in the morning to see Johnny.”

After we were done eating and we all went up to our rooms, I layed awake until after 2am.  I got dressed and left my room. I walked to Sam’s office and slid inside.  I went to Johnny room.

He was sleeping and I pulled a chair up to the bed and I again reached for his hand.  I layed my head on the pillow next to Johnny’s dark head.  My other hand caressed his cheek gently and then settled on his chest.

I felt the gentle rise and fall of his chest and it seemed Johnny was sleeping easier.  Soon I was asleep, lying next to Johnny.  I could hear Murdoch and Scott in the other room, and Sam gently said, ” She’s here.  She’s been with Johnny since 2 this morning.”

Scott walked to the door and saw I was still sleeping, my head lying next to Johnny’s on the pillow, our hands clasped and my arm lying across his chest covered by his other arm.  Scott smiled gently and went back to the other room.

They sat and waited for me and Johnny to wake up. As my eyes opened to dawn, I was locked onto by a pair of sapphire eyes.  I sat up and felt the soft caress of Johnny’s fingers on my cheek.

” How long you been here Querida? “

I smiled softly at Johnny and quietly said, ” I guess around 2 this morning.  I couldn’t sleep Johnny.  I just felt I needed to be by your side.”

Johnny’s beautiful eyes closed and he softly said, ” You should get your rest baby.”

” I slept okay Johnny.  I just needed to be here.  Please don’t be angry.”

Johnny’s hand slowly slid up to my hair and I felt his fingers gently twisting in my long hair.  My eyes closed as I felt the soft touch in my hair.  When Murdoch and Scott came to the room, my eyes opened and I waited for the booming voice of Murdoch, telling me I was a bit reckless coming here in the morning, but it never came.  Murdoch gently caressed my cheek and simply asked if I was okay.  I told him I was fine.

Murdoch then turned to his youngest and said, ” How’s the pain level John?  You need to drink water to get your blood levels back.”.

He then handed Johnny a glass of water and Johnny eyed it suspiciously.  I suppressed a laugh and I said, ” It’s just water Johnny. “

He softly smiled and said, ” Sam has a way of slipping things into water where I’m concerned.”

When Johnny’s hand began to tremble, I reached for the cup of water and I held it to his lips.

As Johnny got stronger and the bullet wounds to his body began to heal, there were plans made on getting Johnny back to Lancer to continue with his healing.

I sat in the chair by Johnny’s bed and I could tell he was beginning to get antsy.  I caressed his cheek softly and said, ” Johnny, you have to relax.  You are still on complete bed rest until Sam says differently.”

I saw a devilish gleam flare up into those sapphire eyes I loved.

” If I had something to do in this bed besides just lie here, I’d be able to deal with it better.”

I lifted my eyes to look at Johnny and I saw the gleam.  I knew what he meant.  I missed feeling Johnny’s body next to mine in our bed.  Or riding next to Johnny in the meadows, the wind in our hair and against our faces.

I leaned my head to Johnny’s head and I quietly sighed that I understood what he meant.  Softly, against my cheek, I heard Johnny’s soft voice, suddenly deep sounding, say, ” Why don’t you climb into this bed with me, and you can get some proper sleep baby.”

I saw the almost devilish look slip to Johnny’s eyes again and I bit my bottom lip.  Johnny’s soft voice kept calling to me.  Finally, I got in the bed next to Johnny and curled against his left side.

I felt Johnny’s arm slide around my back and pull me close.  My head fell to his chest and my right hand slid across his belly.  I felt my eyes instantly closing and I heard a soft contented sigh slip from Johnny’s lips as we both slid into sleep.

When Scott came in to see how we were, he saw us asleep in each other’s arms.  He put a soft blanket over me and smiled down at us.  He gently pushed Johnny’s shaggy black bangs from his eyes and said very softly, ” I guess this is what you needed little brother.  I guess the power of love can overcome any obstacle.” He turned and left, closing the door gently.

There came a day when Johnny was finally able to go back to Lancer.  Murdoch had taken Barranca and my horse Chantilly back to Lancer, and he returned with a wagon, that Jelly put mattresses and hay in the back to soften the ride for Johnny.

Scott and Murdoch got Johnny settled and I climbed in back and sat next to him for the ride back to Lancer.

Val came over and said he would be out to see Johnny in a few days.  The ride back to Lancer was almost torture to Johnny.  When we finally got there, Johnny was pale, sweating and trembling.

I tried to comfort his pain, but it was a little bad.  Scott told Jelly to get that old door from the barn and they’d carry Johnny upstairs on that.

I raced up the stairs and pulled the covers down.  They put Johnny gently on the bed and I went to get the water and a cloth to cool his sweaty face.

After I got him cooled down a little, I got his clothes and gun belt off him and put a night shirt on him.  He hated those things, but with people checking on him all the time to see how he was healing, a little privacy was nice.

Once settled into our bed, Johnny seemed much better.  Being home felt good to Johnny and being able to have me in our bed next to him was the best medicine ever. 

The days wore on and Johnny healed enough that we could sit on the porch for short periods of time.  With my help, he would walk to the corral where Jelly would put Barranca and Chantilly during the day, so Johnny could see his pal and be able to stroke his head and be near him.

Val came about once a week, and he and Johnny would talk quietly about Mendoza. 

” He’s gonna hear you ain’t dead Amigo, and he’s gonna send more men after you.”

Johnny’s head lowered and his eyes closed slowly.  I reached my hand to his and he held my hand tightly.

” Yea, I know Val.  Have to some how stop Mendoza.”

I turned my frosted jade eyes to Johnny and I said, ” You can’t Johnny!  You aren’t healed enough to ride.”

Johnny’s head lifted and his fingers caressed my cheek as he said, ” Don’t worry Lee.  I’m not going anywhere, just yet.  But stopping Mendoza is the only way to keep these men from taking the bounty and try to kill me.”

I seemed to relax and I missed the look that passed between Val and Johnny.  It was a week later, I woke to find Johnny gone.  I thought he was down in the kitchen having coffee with Scott and Murdoch.

When I dressed and went down, Murdoch looked up and asked, ” Is Johnny still sleeping Lee?”

I turned my eyes to them and Scott saw the rising panic sliding thru my eyes.

” Oh God! He did it he left with Val to track down Mendoza! “

I turned to head to the front door and Scott was right behind me.  He caught my arm just as I reached the door and he turned me around.

” What do you mean he went after Mendoza?!”

I told him about the talk Val and Johnny had a week ago.

” He said he wouldn’t go after Mendoza Scott.  And now he’s done just that.  He’s not well enough to even ride Barranca, much less shoot a gun.”

Scott looked at me and he said, ” Okay, let me think here.”

He turned and yelled for Murdoch and told him he was taking Cipriano and about 15 men and they were gonna track Johnny and Val, and offer to help get rid of Mendoza.

I raced to the kitchen and got together 2 bags, one for food they could eat on the trail and a medical bag, in case Johnny’s wounds opened up, or God forbid, he got new ones.

When I carried the bags to Scott, the men were already mounted up with their own supplies, rifles and ammo.

Murdoch handed Scott his new high powered rifle with the scope and a box of shells.  Scott slipped the rifle into the scabbard tied to his saddle and put the box of shells in his saddlebag.

I lifted tear filled eyes to Scott and he reached down to caress my cheek gently. 

” We’ll find him and bring him home Lee. I promise.,”

Before I could say anything, Scott turned the horse and then they were riding to the arch and the road beyond.   Cipriano was the best tracker, except Johnny, on the ranch.  He had no problem going with Scott.  Johnny was his nephew and he even considered Scott his nephew also.  He would do anything to keep both boys safe.

I watched, until even the dust from the horses had kicked up, was gone from my sight.  Murdoch came up to where I was standing, and I saw him leaning heavily on his cane.

” Scott will find him sweetie.  Cip is the best tracker, besides John.  If he can’t find John and Val, then no one can.”

I turned to Murdoch and I signed softly.

” I just hope he’s okay when they do find him Murdoch.  Johnny shouldn’t even be on a horse much less riding over any great distance.”

Murdoch wrapped his arm around my shoulder and he pulled me gently to his hard chest.  I leaned against him and I heard the soft sigh.

” Scott will bring him home Lee, just remember Scott would do anything to keep his little brother safe.”

I kind of smiled as I remembered one time Scott threatened to hogtie Johnny in bed to make him rest.  Now, thinking back on what happened, I wish Scott had actually  done it, just to keep Johnny from leaving.

Murdoch turned to the house, saying something about tackling the books.  I told him I was gonna sit on the porch for a bit, and then go in to get things going for lunch.

” Take your time honey.  Jelly and I can fend for ourselves if need be.  I know you’re worried about Johnny. “

I smiled, but I actually felt like crying.  I controlled my tears.

I sat on the glider and looked out towards the archway.  Praying that I would see Johnny heading home and that everyone would be safe.  I knew that was wishful thinking.  Johnny and Val had almost 5 hours head start on Scott and the ranch hands.

Jelly came from the barn and he said, ” Miz Lee, why don’t you saddle up Chantilly and go ride in the meadows.  She ain’t had a run in a few weeks.”

Smiling, I said, ” Think I will Jelly.  Murdoch said you and he could fend for yourselves for lunch.”

” Yes Ma’am we can.  You go and ride, will do you a world of good.”

I walked to the barn and cast a sad look to the stall next to Chantilly’s.  That was Barranca’s stall.  I ran my fingers across the gate and then turned to get her tack off the wall.  I saddled her and I led her from the barn and mounted up.

I turned her to the hillside and let her have her head.  We flew up the hill.  I felt the wind in my hair as I let her run full out in the meadow. Soon, I pulled her to a stop and I let her wander to the pond.

I sat against a tree and I thought of Johnny.  Thinking back to the first time I was ever here with Johnny.  It was the first time he had made love to me.  My father had sent me to Lancer, because he was seriously ill.  Murdoch was my father’s oldest friend, and he wanted Murdoch to take care of me.

I met both of Murdoch’s sons and instantly fell in love with Johnny.  Johnny’s touch was gentle, and he was very patient with me that first time.  Holding me to his chest even after the pain had left my body.

He had wiped the tears from my eyes and told me of his love for me.  Smiling, as I remembered  his look of delight when I told him I loved him back.

Coming up to the meadow every chance we had, Johnny and I making  love for a few hours before darkness slid over Lancer.  My smile became wider as I remembered the one sunny spring day, we rode up here and just sitting in each other’s arms.  I began to wonder why we weren’t making love as we usually did. 

Johnny had a strange look on his face as he slowly knelt by my side.  Johnny reached for my hand and softly said, ” Lee, honey, I’ve grown to love you so much these past months, and I know you love me as much.  I want to spend my life with you Lee.  Marry me baby.  Please!”

I recalled how Johnny held his breath waiting for me to answer.  When I said yes, his face and his eyes lit up with a sparkle I’ve seen every night since then.

We had a small simple wedding, it was the last time I saw my father.  He liked Johnny and knew he would take care of me.  Papa died before he made it back to New York.  Murdoch sent for his body and he had Papa buried in the Lancer graveyard.  I would visit with him every day, always finding comfort sitting by his side.

I stayed in the meadow till almost dusk, whistling for Chantilly.  She lifted her head, whinnied and moved to where I was.  I tightened the cinch and mounted up and headed back to the ranch.

I got back and Jelly took her from me and said, ” Have a nice ride? “

Smiling I softly said, ” Yes Jelly I did.  Thanks for suggesting it to me.”

I saw the pink blush sliding up from his whiskers and he gruffily said, “Well, I gotta take care of you, like Johnny told me to do whenever he was gone.  He said you tended to get into trouble.”

He laughed and I smiled and said, ” Johnny told you I get into trouble?  Think that’s the other way Jelly.”

” Yeah,  Johnny does tend to find more than his share of trouble, don’t he?”

I got a sad look on my face and very quietly I said, ” Hope he doesn’t find any now.”

Jelly took my horse, and said he’d be in for dinner in a few minutes.  He made his famous stew for us.  I felt my mouth watering.  Well, I didn’t have anything to eat today and Jelly’s stew was positively delicious!

I went into the house, brushing grass and dirt from my pants.

” Have a nice ride Lee?”

I walked into the Great Room and saw Murdoch behind his desk.  The ledgers open, but looking like he hadn’t done any work in them.  I did notice that the scotch bottle was almost empty, and I saw it was full the night before.

” Yes, I had a nice ride Murdoch.  Took my mind off things for a little bit anyway.”

Jelly soon came in and the two men stood and Murdoch helped me up, and we went to the kitchen and ate Jelly’s stew.  Despite feeling sadness about Johnny and Scott, I did eat two bowls of stew.   Murdoch smiled softly as he saw me eat at last.  There was none left in the pot and Murdoch said, ” That stew was rather tasty tonight Jelly.  You can come cook that stew any night you like.”

We all laughed. We got up and went into the Great Room, and I saw Murdoch start a fire in the fireplace.  I sat on the couch and watched the flames as they danced.  

That was how our days and nights went for about 2 weeks.  Although I took over my duties as the mistress of Lancer, with cooking and cleaning the house.

Murdoch was relieved I was functioning again.  I would ride Chantilly in the afternoon, before I would begin to cook supper.  And every night after dinner, Jelly and Murdoch went to the Great Room, I would go to the porch.

I would pull my legs up and sit in the glider.  Murdoch had gotten the glider as a birthday present for me.  At times, I could be found  sitting in it, gently swinging when I was supposed to be sleeping.

Johnny would panic, in the beginning, if he woke at night and I was not beside him.  He would always find me on the porch.  We would then sit together, and I’d lay my head to Johnny’s shoulder and feel content.

The beginning of the 3rd week that Johnny and Scott had been gone, I awoke to a rain storm.  It was a soft spring rain and I went out to the porch with a cup of tea.

I sat in the glider and watched the gentle rain playing in the dirt of the compound.  Suddenly, I turned my head.  Thinking I heard something.  I didn’t see anything, and I turned back to look at the bright green hill past the barns.

I heard a noise and this time when I looked, I saw men coming back.  I saw Scott and I saw Barranca next to Scott.  Where was Johnny?  He wasn’t in the saddle. 

I stood up and began to go off the porch.  Then I saw Johnny.

He was in front of Scott and he looked unconscious.  I yelled for Murdoch.  As he came out, Scott pulled his horse to a stop.  Murdoch caught Johnny’s body as it tilted off the saddle.

Scott was exhausted as well, and I saw he couldn’t hold Johnny any longer.  Some of the ranch hands came to help Johnny and Scott into the house.

They took the horses and helped the men who had returned with the brothers.  Johnny was soon in our bed, and I again began to  take his clothes off.  Murdoch was in Scott’s room.

Scott was conscious, but Murdoch told him to rest as well.  Scott didn’t need another reminder, and soon he collapsed on the bed, sleep finding him quickly.

I sat in the chair by the bed and I held Johnny’s hand.  I brushed his long hair from his eyes.  Murdoch came in and asked, ” Any new wounds Lee?”

” No, I think he’s just exhausted Murdoch.  He’s got a slight fever, but I’m keeping an eye on it.”

Murdoch seemed to relax that both his sons were home, and just totally exhausted.  He patted my shoulder and left me and Johnny alone.

                      **** WARNING****

I took my shirt, pants and boots off, locked the bedroom door and went to the left side of the bed.  I lifted the blankets and slid into the bed next to my husband.

I layed into his chest and slid my arm across his belly.  I felt his left arm moving to pull me against his chest even tighter.  His right hand lifted to my cheek.

Johnny didn’t open his eyes, but for that few brief moments, I knew he had woken up and saw and felt me next to him.  I snuggled closer to Johnny.  Even tho I was naked, I should have taken the night shirt from Johnny’s body, so I could feel his warm skin next to me.

Quietly, I heard Johnny’s soft voice, ” Why don’t you take the night shirt off me Querida? “

I smiled as I realized Johnny had again read my mind.  As he slowly sat up, I slid the night shirt off his body.  We again settled next to each other.

Johnny’s warm skin caressing against me.  My hand lifted to caress his chest and as I slid my fingers thru the soft black hair, I heard Johnny’s soft exhaustion filled voice say, ” Better not start anything just yet baby.  I just want to sleep.  But we will, I promise. “

We both fell asleep and when we woke it was almost dinner time.  I got up to get dressed and Johnny’s arm snaked out.

” I promise Querida.  After dinner, you and I, alone. “

I shivered at Johnny’s promising words.  We dressed and went to the Great Room.  Scott was there as well.  I walked to him and as he stood by the fireplace, I wrapped my arms around him.

” Thank you Scott.”

I saw the smile come to his lips and he said, ” I always keep my promises Lee.”

After dinner, Johnny and I retired early.  As  Johnny shut the door, I heard the lock click.  Johnny began to take my clothes off me, and when I became naked, he put me on the bed. 

I tried to sit up to take his clothes off, and Johnny’s soft command held me still.  As I watched, Johnny slowly took his clothes off his body.  It seemed to me it was a little too slow, and I saw the look in his eyes.  I saw how dark Johnny’s eyes were and I slowly licked my lips.

I knew what he was doing and I knew he knew just how his movements were making me wild.

Soon, johnny was naked and he moved his body to me on the bed.  I felt the soft caress against my skin.  Across my chest, my nipples and down my flat belly.

Everywhere Johnny touched was an inferno, threatening to consume me.  I wanted to lift my hands to caress Johnny’s body, and I soon found my hands captured in his hand and they were pushed to the bed above my head.

” Johnny, let me touch you baby.”

” No, I’m going to make you insane with desire baby.”

Johnny lowered his head and I felt the warm caress of his lips against my neck and I felt the tiny shivers running thru my body.

My nipples were caressed and I felt them instantly getting hard as Johnny’s tongue flicked over the hard peaks.  He gently put his teeth on the nipple and he bit ever so softly.

It was enough to cause a sigh to fall from my lips.

” Oh God Johnny!  You’re making me wild!”

I heard the soft laugh as Johnny slid his fingers down my chest to my flat belly.  I felt Johnny’s hand stop just at the soft hair there. Then as his eyes locked on mine, Johnny slowly slid his fingers into my body.

” Querida, do you want me?  Do you want to feel me inside you?”

As Johnny’s fingers began to move inside of my body, I felt how my body was responding.  His fingers moved easily in and out, and every so often Johnny would push deeper into my body.

Johnny held my eyes and he would move them fast and slow into my body, causing me to arch up against his touch.  My hands above my head clawing at the air, trying to get free.

Johnny drove me to the edge over and over, but wouldn’t let me fall over.  I was becoming exhausted, and my soft voice lifted to Johnny’s ears.

” Johnny, oh God, please Johnny.  I need you inside me.  Johnny please!”

I saw the slow smile come to his lips, and I felt Johnny’s wrist flick a few more times and Johnny made me even wilder, if that was possible.

The he pulled his fingers from my body and I felt his body moving on top of me.  Johnny released my hands and slid his arms under my knees and lifted them up.

I felt the caress of his hard body against me.  Johnny’s body moved in between my legs.  And I felt Johnny’s body moving forward, sliding inside of me.

Sighing softly, I felt Johnny’s hips beginning his dance, and I could feel the tightening once again as it began to call to me.  Johnny wasted no time in racing us to the edge.  Instead of stopping and slowing, Johnny just raced us forward.

I could feel the evidence of Johnny’s desires deep inside of me.  My cries of fulfillment lifted to Johnny’s ears and I felt my orgasm colliding inside of me along with Johnny’s.

I heard Johnny’s roar of his climax as it fell softly against my neck. As I felt the tremors slicing thru Johnny, his soft voice fell to my ears.

” Lee, I want to ask you something honey.  Don’t think I’m being silly.”

” Okay.”

I snuggled against Johnny’s body and as he held me tighter, he continued.

” I want to renew our wedding vows. And I want to have a baby with you Querida. “

I lifted my head to look at Johnny and I saw a look of desire and love swimming  in his beautiful eyes.

Smiling, I softly said, ” Yes Johnny I would love to do that.”

Johnny reached his fingers to my face and he tilted my face to his, and I felt his lips caressing mine.



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