Brother, Where Are You? by Robyn B.

I don’t own any part of Lancer or its characters. The characters of my making cannot be used without permission. The rating for this story is R-rating, because of some passages being rather intense. There are warnings before these passages… have been warned.

Word count: 14,775

Johnny was finally done with his day’s chores, and he galloped into the yard. He handed off Barranca to a ranch hand and all but ran into the hacienda.

His father, Murdoch Lancer, was as usual, behind his desk doing the books. As Johnny breezed into the Great Room, he lifted his head.

Johnny poured a glass of tequila, Murdoch smiled and said, ” Is that stream cleaned out John?”

“Yes, all done Murdoch. Scott back yet?”

Murdoch leaned back in his chair and looked at his youngest. Johnny was already lounging on the sofa, feet almost on the material. One glare at his father’s arched eyebrow, and Johnny slid his feet to the floor.

Murdoch softly chuckled. Ten years and he still tries to get away with it.

Johnny relaxed while finishing his drink, wondering when his brother would be back. It shouldn’t be taking him this long to do that survey.

When the huge clock on the mantle struck the hour, Murdoch looked up and saw it was later than he thought. His oldest son should have been back way before now.

Scott was going to be late for dinner, and that was the one meal Murdoch made sure his boys were always there for.

Johnny sat up and looked at the clock. He stood up and turned to Murdoch and softly said, ” Scott should have been back by now Murdoch. Maybe he ran into some trouble. Want me to go see if I can find him?”

Murdoch looked out the huge window behind his desk, and contemplated Johnny’s question.

” Scott knows when supper is ready. I’ll have Maria put up a plate for him. Let’s go into supper John.”

He stood up and together with Johnny, they went into the main dining room. Maria and her kitchen helpers began to bring platters and bowls of food out. Just before she went into the kitchen, Murdoch told her to set a plate for Scott.

As they ate, they talked about the stream and getting ready for the fall cattle drive. Neither of the Lancers ate much dinner. Every noise Johnny heard, he’d turn his troubled sapphire eyes to see if it was his brother coming in.

Before the meal was thru, Johnny threw his napkin to the table and stood up, his chair almost falling over.

” I can’t sit here any longer old man! Scott could be hurt. I’m gonna go see if I can find anything.”

Johnny turned and Murdoch could hear his spurs angrily jingling as he went to the front door. He pulled his gunbelt down off the peg, and slid it around his waist.

As Johnny reached for his jacket and hat, Murdoch said, ” Be careful John. It’s getting dark out. But find your brother and bring him home….safe.”

Johnny turned and went out the door, closing the door rather hard. Murdoch winced because it told him his youngest boy was a little bit on the agitated side.

Johnny strode angrily to the barn. His spurs ringing loud and sharp as he moved. He got to Barranca’s stall, and the horse looked like he was looking at Johnny as if to say ‘ but I just got that saddle off!’

He quickly saddled him up and was leading him out of the barn, and just as he was about to mount up, he heard Murdoch calling to him.

He saw Murdoch coming towards him with a pillow case of supplies to use if Scott was hurt. Johnny tied it to his saddle horn with a small piece of rope and mounted up.

“Bring him home Son.”

Johnny nodded his head and turned Barranca’s nose into the direction of where Scott was surveying.

As he started up the hill behind the barn, Johnny lifted his head and looked at the sky. It would be dark soon. He’d have to camp out, so he didn’t lose any trails coming back to the ranch.

Barranca made good time traveling, he’d run these hills so often, he knew where to put his hooves. Johnny got to the area Scott was surveying, and his eyes scanned the ground for any signs.

He suddenly jumped from Barranca’s back and walked in front of his horse. He bent down and picked up a small note pad book that he knew his brother used a lot.

“Scott! Where are you Brother!”

As Johnny was going to mount up, he saw movement in the tree line nearby. As the figure came out of the darkness, Johnny saw that it was Charlie, Scott’s horse, still saddled.

Johnny moved Barranca towards his stable mate, and both horses neighed at each other. Johnny got slowly off Barranca, and approached Charlie very carefully.

As Johnny’s hand reached for the trailing reins, he moved Charlie into better light.

Johnny’s sapphire eyes locked on the saddle, there was a white piece of paper tucked under the saddle, with what looked like blood.

He opened the note and read the few scribbled words. He put the note into his pocket, mounted up on Barranca and reached for Charlie’s lead rein again. He began a fast pace back to Lancer.

He wasn’t worried about Barranca falling, he knew his horse was as sure footed as ever and would know where his hooves were going.

He raced into the yard and threw Charlie’s reins to a ranch hand. But he tied Barranca to a hitch rail and raced into the house.


Even as Johnny was stepping into the Great Room, Murdoch was coming around his desk.

“You find something John?!”

Johnny pulled the note from his pocket and handed it to his father.

Murdoch’s light blue eyes scanned the note and he said, ” Who the hell would want to take Scott?”

Johnny paced and he said, ” I’m going back out there in a few minutes to look for a trail. I’ll camp out where I found Charlie and I’ll start from there in the morning.”


The tiny housekeeper came out and softly said, ” Si Patron?”

“Make Johnny up a bag of trail food and fill two more canteens for him. He’s going to search for his brother.”

She turned to go to her kitchen, and Johnny headed to the bar cart. He didn’t even bother with a glass, just opened the tequila bottle and took a good healthy swig.

He leaned against the cart and put his other hand on the edge to steady himself. He was just going to raise the bottle again, and his father’s soft worried voice stopped him.

” John, take it easy on that stuff. You need to keep a clear mind to look for Scott.”

Johnny turned and leveled a cold icy glare on his father. But he put the top back on the bottle.

” Do you want to take Cip with you John?”

” No, I need to do this myself Murdoch. I don’t want to have to worry about a lot of other people, just need to focus on where Scott went.”

Maria came out with a sack of food for Johnny and he leaned down and kissed her softly on the cheek.

” Gracias Mamacita.”

Johnny, once again, went out the door. He tied the bag of food with the same rope he tied the medical supplies with.

He took a huge deep breath and leaped gracefully into the saddle. Without another word, he again turned Barranca’s nose up the hill to head to the spot in the meadow he found Charlie.

He got up there about an hour later, and tied Barranca to a low hanging branch, where he could graze and drink from a small rolling stream.

He pulled the saddle from his back and laid it on the ground. He pulled his sleeping bag and unrolled it on the ground. He started a fire and got a pot of coffee going.

As Johnny sat waiting for the coffee, he got thinking about his brother.

His thoughts were all jumbled and spinning around inside of him. He thought so hard on it, he actually gave himself a headache, and he rubbed his eyes.

His thoughts were softly voiced aloud and he heard his soft voice, strained with worry for his brother.

” Scott, where the hell are you? And who’s got you? Don’t give up Brother, I’ll find you as soon as I can. Just don’t give up!”

Johnny poured a cup of coffee, leaning back on his saddle, he lifted his eyes to the sky. As if the stars could tell him what he needed to know.

He sat with the cup of coffee in his hand, long after it had cooled down. He threw it on the ground and poured a hotter cup. Johnny stayed up and awake long after he should have laid down.

Scott. The brother he never knew existed. But the brother, he loved beyond everything else. It was almost as tho Scott was the other half of his being. It was as if the brothers could feel the other’s pains and thoughts.

Nothing. Johnny couldn’t tell if his brother was in pain or not. He couldn’t feel anything. That began a new worry in his already troubled mind.

Johnny closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind of everything but his brother. He couldn’t feel him close, but he also knew, in his heart, that Scott was still alive. That gave Johnny a sense of calm.

Soon, he put the cup down and laid down against his saddle. He felt himself relaxing and soon his soft even breathing slid over the meadow. Barranca neighed very softly, keeping a watch over his anxious Master.

When dawn was just peeking over the hills, Johnny’s eyes snapped open. It took a few seconds to focus and he knew where he was.

He drank the rest of the lukewarm coffee and stamped out the embers of the fire. He saddled Barranca so fast, he thought the poor horse’s eyes would roll in his head.

Johnny mounted Barranca, and even tho the golden horse wanted to run, Johnny held him to a mind numbing walk. Looking for tracks of any kind, to get a direction to start looking for his brother.

His eyes locked on the ground beneath Barranca’s hooves, Johnny’s thoughts fell on Scott once again.

As Johnny continued, one slow step after the other, in an abandoned rundown cabin, two towns away from Lancer, a blindfolded and bleeding young man was tied to a cot.

He was starting to wake up and the person who kidnapped him, was busy getting some jerky out of a sack. He walked towards the young man and pressed the cup to his lips.

His mouth opened and he took a couple cooling sips of water. A few course words and he again opened his mouth, and the piece of jerky was put in his mouth. He bit off a piece and began to chew.

” Who are you? Why did you attack me? Where are you taking me?”

A sinister laugh was heard and then a raspy, evil sounding voice said, ” No sense asking questions pretty boy, I won’t answer your questions. I gots my orders.”

Scott chewed harder on the jerky in his mouth and he quietly said, “Orders? What orders?”

The other person didn’t answer and Scott heard his boots moving away from where he was. Scott heard the door open and close, and knew he left him alone.

Scott tested the ropes, but they were tight and not an inch of give. He leaned back against the headboard, and waited for that person to come back, he was still thirsty.

Scott was beginning to drift, when he felt a strange tickling in his chest. Johnny! He knew it was his brother trying to find him. Scott’s mind began to send a bread crumb trail to his sibling. If he could keep up the ‘calling’ to his brother, maybe he’d make it out of this mess.

Scott had no way of knowing the time of day, or even if it was day or night. That strange person came back in and gave Scott a refreshing cup of cool water.

Scott drank almost all of it, before he realized it was laced with laudanum and a sleeping powder.

Scott pulled his head away, but it was too late. He already felt the drugs in his body working.

” We need to move again. Got a wagon for you to ride in this time. I almost dropped you from the saddle a few times.”

Scott soon fell into a drug induced sleep. He was untied and lifted from the bed and carried outside to the wagon. He was laid on a bed of straw and his hands were tied to the sides of the wagon bed.

The guy climbed up into the wagon and flicked the reins across the back of his horse, who was none too happy pulling a huge ass wagon now.

Somewhere, away from that silent wagon, Johnny clutched at his chest. He pulled Barranca to a stop and almost fell from the saddle.

Johnny slid to his knees in the dirt and felt as tho his heart just broke. All of a sudden, the trail he’d been following suddenly vanished.

Johnny’s head lowered and he felt a wave of despair washing over him. He lifted his head and said, to no one really, ” I still have tracks. I’ll follow them until I get that feeling again.”

He reached for the lead rein and began to slowly walk, picking up the trail very quickly. He mounted up again and he began all over again.

Relentlessly, Johnny traveled. Soon, he crossed into Phoenix and found the livery. He found the livery man and told him he wanted to stable his horse for a few days. The man told him to pick any stall, oats, water and hay were in the back. Johnny paid for three nights.

He took his rifle and the medicine bag off his saddle, the food he’d finished on the trail a ways back. He pulled the saddle off and laid it on the top of the gate.

He patted Barranca’s strong neck and said, ” I’ll be back to tuck you in Pal.” Johnny picked up his things and went in search of a hotel.

He walked into a nice hotel and got a room for a couple days. As he paid, he asked the clerk behind the counter where a telegraph office was.

The jovial lady behind the counter looked Johnny up and down, and actually licked her lips.

” About three doors down on the other side Sweetie.”

Johnny smiled his most engaging lady killer grin, even tho he was covered in sweat and dirt. ‘ Wonder how she’d react, after I take a bath and clean up a little!’ As Johnny went up the stairs, he chuckled to himself. ‘ I can be so evil when I want to be!’

Once in his room, he washed up a little bit and changed his shirt. A bath will be good after he sends Murdoch a message and gets something to eat.

After Johnny was dressed, he slid his gunbelt around his waist once again, grabbed his hat and left his room.

He walked to the Telegraph office and waited for the elderly man to finish what he was doing. The little man came to the counter and Johnny said he wanted to send a telegram.

He passed a pad and pencil to Johnny and said, ” Write down what you want to say.”

Johnny pulled the paper to him on the counter, and thought a few minutes. Then he began to write.

To Murdoch Lancer. Lancer Ranch…Morro Coyo California

In Phoenix for a few days(stop) Giving Barranca a rest (stop). Seems they are traveling in a wagon (stop). Beginning to think they are taking Scott east (stop). Put a bank draft in for my expenses (stop). Contact here for a couple days (stop)

He paid for it and said he’d be at the hotel when an answer came. He turned and left, his spurs softly jingling a goodbye.

He went back to the hotel to the dining room side, and sat down. A pretty waitress came to take his order. Johnny’s eyes slowly slid up and down and smiled softly at her.

His thoughts went into overdrive mode and he tried to clamp down on his desires and emotions. Thank God, he was sitting down already. It didn’t help matters when she smiled shyly at him.

‘ Dammit! Madrid get your mind off her curves and concentrate on locating your brother.’

As Johnny ate, his mind started to put this together, at least the pieces he had so far.

Scott was kidnapped, possibly tied up, most definitely drugged probably with sleeping powders. Now, where the tracks of the horse he was following suddenly had a wagon behind his prints, Johnny thought it was probably better than trying to keep him on a horse. In a wagon, he could be drugged and this person wouldn’t have to deal with him being awake.

As the meal began to end, Johnny was wondering how he could keep on, Barranca wouldn’t be able to go much more. He was a good horse, had the endurance of a God. But if this was heading where Johnny thought, it was going to be too much for the magnificent stallion.

Before the livery closed for the night, he went back over. He had gotten a few sugar cubes for Barranca and quietly talked to the golden animal.

” Hey Pal, I’m starting to think that I know where this guy is taking Scott. I bet his Grandfather is at the bottom of this. We are going to be on an adventure Amigo.”

Johnny gently scratched his ear and the horse began to bob his head up and down. Johnny even got a soft whinny from his beloved Palomino.

The livery man suddenly appeared and told Johnny he was closing up for the night. He patted Barranca’s neck and went to follow the man out.

” Can I ask you something Mister?”

He stopped and turned bright brown eyes to Johnny. ” Sure thing young man, what do you need?”

” I think someone is heading to Boston, with my brother. Is there a quick way to get there from this area? Without killing my horse?”

The man sat on a hay bale and rubbed the back of his neck. “

“Well, if you can get to St. Louis Missouri, trains run to Boston all the time. They might even have a livestock car your horse can ride in. Don’t know how he’ll do, but it’s better than riding a beautiful animal like that into the ground.”

Johnny thought about that for a few minutes, then thanked the little man and headed back to the hotel.

Just as Johnny was getting ready to cross the street, a little red headed boy ran up to him.

” Are you Mr Lancer Mister?”

” Yes, what can I help you with?”

The little boy handed Johnny a letter. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some coins, which he placed in the little boy’s hand.

Johnny waited till he was back in his room before he read the message.

John Lancer…Phoenix Arizona
Sent a draft to the Phoenix bank (stop). Hope it’s enough (stop). Let me know if more is needed ( stop). Let me know when you find a good trail (stop).

Johnny sat on the bed, Murdoch’s letters dangling from his long slender fingers.

He sat for a while and thought on his next step. He had followed the wagon tracks this far, perhaps when he headed towards St Louis, he’ll still be on the trail.

He was beginning to think that his brother had been kidnapped by someone Harlan hired.

He took his boots and gunbelt off and laid on the bed. It wasn’t great, but it was better than the cold hard ground. 

Before he fell asleep, Johnny slid his Colt under the pillow.

When Johnny woke, he slid his gunbelt around his waist, and pulled the Colt from under the pillow and slipped it into the holster.

He hopped on one foot as he pulled his boot on, then repeated the action with the other boot.

He left the room and went to the dining room once again. As Johnny sat down, the same waitress from the night before came to Johnny’s table.

” Morning Sir. What can I get you?”

Johnny lifted his head and locked his beautiful sapphire eyes on her face, a slight smile coming to his lips.

” Just coffee and some biscuits and eggs please.”

Johnny could see the pretty pink blush wandering up her cheeks, and she quickly turned and left.

Johnny softly laughed and thought to himself, ‘ Yea Madrid! You still got it!’

His meal came and he just picked up the coffee cup, and he got that feeling in his chest again.

‘ Scott! Madre de Dios! It was his brother! Keep it up Brother, I’ll find you.’

Johnny paid for the meal he never ate and raced out the door, heading to the bank.

He went to the teller and smiled at the clerk.

” I believe you were sent a bank note from my father, Murdoch Lancer. I’m John Lancer.”

The clerk pulled a large ledger from under the counter and opened it to the current pages.

” Ah yes, I see a very substantial deposit Mr Lancer. Do you wish to withdraw the entire amount?”

” Yes I do, if it isn’t a problem.”

As the clerk slid a withdrawal slip towards Johnny to sign, he softly said, ” No problem at all Sir. One minute while I get your money.”

Johnny leaned his left side against the counter and rubbed his chest. He knew that was Scott calling out to him.

The clerk came with the money and since it was a rather large amount, he slid it into a small bag. Johnny thanked him and all but ran from the bank lobby.

He headed to the livery and saddled up Barranca and slipped the bank bag into his saddle bag. Making sure the bag of medical supplies and the three canteens were tied good, as Johnny mounted up he slid his rifle into the boot and walked to the livery door.

As he passed the man who runs the livery, Johnny quietly asked him which road to take to head towards St Louis. He pointed in the direction and Johnny pointed Barranca in that direction. He left the town at a good steady gait.

As Johnny rode on the road, he kept an eye out for wagon tracks. He still felt that pulling in his chest, so he knew he was on the right trail.

In New Mexico, Scott could feel a pulling in his chest, he knew it was his brother searching for him. He knew he had to stay awake as much as possible, so Johnny could find a way to catch up to them.

The man took the blindfold off, but he was still tied in the wagon. He couldn’t wiggle the ropes holding his arms to each side, they were too tight.

Scott didn’t know exactly where he was, but sooner or later, he’d see a sign or something familiar along the way.

He had, a long time ago, stopped trying to talk to this little man. He wasn’t going to tell Scott anything, so why waste his energy.

Scott needed to slow this guy down a little bit. Give his brother a better chance.

” Hey, can I get some water here?”

The scruffy looking man slowly turned and looked at Scott. He sighed loudly, but pulled the horse to a stop.

He turned around and lifted the canteen to Scott’s lips. He took a few swallows of the now tepid water. It was soon pulled away, and Scott’s thoughts said, ‘ Damn! Not even enough to wet his throat, but it was soothing.’

He started the horse moving again, and he began to grumble to himself. Scott tried to listen, but it was muffled against the wheels on the road.

Scott glanced up at the sky to see where the sun was, and he figured he was heading east. Wondering why, he started to work thru what pieces of the puzzle he had.

Scott’s jaw began to pop as he gritted his teeth. No, he wouldn’t dare try anything again! Grandfather! It had to be him, why would we be heading east? Damn that man! 

Kidnapping him, he was going too far now, and when he was face to face with him, he’d finally tell him he was thru. That he’d never want anything more to do with him. This was the last straw!

Scott leaned his head back and closed his eyes. That man was like a dog with a bone. How many times did he have to tell him he was happy in California with his father and Johnny. When was this man going to realize he wasn’t ever coming home to Boston. His Grandfather smothered him and he was truly glad he was away from him.

Scott began to plot, to make a plan to escape. Even if he had to wait until he was in Grandfather’s house.

He relaxed and just continued sending his little brother his thoughts and hoped Johnny would find him before they got to Boston.

He smiled a small smile at the thought of his ex gun fighter brother in Boston. If it wasn’t sad that the circumstances were creating this problem, the idea would be rather funny.

Ten miles outside of Phoenix, Johnny spotted the wagon tracks. He could tell it was the one with his brother, because it had a dig out of one of the left wheels, and left a unique pattern on the ground. Good, at least he was heading in the same direction as Scott was going.

The more the tracks kept going east, the more Johnny’s mind was spinning towards Harlan Garrett as being behind this.

Johnny knew how much that old coot wanted Scott to come back to Boston, despite the repeated denials by Scott that he didn’t want to go back to Boston. But that old man didn’t want to hear it. He wanted his “Scotty” back in Boston, under his thumb again.

After another hour, Johnny felt he didn’t need to look for signs. He knew where he was heading, and once he was on the train, he’d be able to relax a little bit.

Johnny kicked Barranca into a faster gait, and the powerful stallion answered his Master’s request eagerly.

Even tho he was sure the mighty Palomino could keep up this pace for a while longer, Johnny slowed him down about twenty minutes later.

He camped out when he had to, got a room in the towns he came to. Enjoying the bed under his body, as opposed to the cold hard ground. He was sure his spoiled Palomino loved the dry straw, oats and cool water to drink. He also didn’t have to worry about cougars attacking either.

About twenty days later, Johnny came into the city of St Louis. He was awe struck at the size and how people looked like they were racing to every appointment. No one ever just walked and enjoyed the cool air or plants or anything. Go, go, go! It made Johnny a little antsy.

He asked an elderly man where the train station was, and he said ” Oh you are almost there Son, three more blocks that way.” Johnny thanked him and rode Barranca carefully thru the busy streets.

Finally, Johnny saw a sign announcing the train depot and an arrow pointing to a small building. He rode up and tied Barranca to a post and walked in.

The clerk smiled and asked if he could help him. Johnny sauntered to the counter, his spurs softly singing.

” Yes, you can. I need a ticket to Boston and space in a livestock car for my horse.” 

He wrote up the ticket and told Johnny how much. After Johnny paid, he was told the train would be ready to board in two hours, but if he wanted, he could load his horse now.

Johnny opted to load Barranca now and after he got him settled, Johnny went to get something to eat.

As Johnny led his horse into the car, he missed seeing a wagon pull up. In it was a thin blonde man, blindfolded and in heavy chains. He looked as tho he was drugged as well.

The blonde was maneuvered into the depot office, and the man said, “Two for Boston.”

The clerk wrote up the tickets and he told the scraggly man that if he needed to get that man in chains settled, he could load him in one hour instead of the two hours others would have.

He asked if there was a room he could keep him in so he didn’t escape. The clerk pointed and said, ” You can use that room over there. It’s a utility room, but has a couple chairs you can sit on and wait. There’s a ring in the wall you can attach them chains if you want.”

Scott was moved into the room and he was pushed into a chair. The chains around his body and wrists was attached to the ring in the wall. His head lowered to his chest and be passed out with the amount of drugs in his system.

While Johnny waited to board the train, he found a telegraph office. He walked in and told the clerk he wanted to send a telegram.

He wrote it down and slid the paper to the clerk and paid for it. As he began to walk to the door, he heard the clicking of the machine as it sprang to life. As he walked to a restaurant, he imagined the look on Murdoch’s face, when he read Johnny’s message.

An hour later, the clerk at the train depot knocked on the door and informed the man inside that he could load his companion onto the train. The blonde was led to the train and made to sit in a chair in the last car, away from other passengers. He was given some more water laced with laudanum this time, and he sunk even deeper into unconsciousness.

Johnny went to the livestock car and saw his horse was agitated a bit more. He decided to stay in the car with his beloved horse, to keep him from harming himself.

He loosened the cinch and sat against one of the walls in the stall. He softly talked to Barranca as he felt the movement of the train begin.

Johnny softly laughed and said aloud to Barranca, ” I know how you feel Buddy. I’m not too crazy about this train either.” Barranca bobbed his head a few times and snorted, the warm breath caressing Johnny’s cheeks.

He rubbed his chest and sighed. He couldn’t feel Scott any longer. He knew where he was being taken, so he would just get to him at the old coot’s house.

He leaned his head back against the wall and fell into a restless sleep. His last thoughts, as always, about his brother and where he was.

In Morro Coyo, a lone horse was just going under the arch at Lancer. As he came into the yard, Murdoch came out of the house.

” Evening Mr Lancer. Got a telegram for you from Johnny. It seemed to be important, so I brought it out to you.”

As Murdoch reached for the message, he said, ” Thanks a lot Harvey. Care for a drink or something to eat?”

” No, I best be getting back. Jane is holding dinner for me.”

And he turned his horse around and trotted back under the arch and was lost in the approaching dusk.

He went back into the house and as he sat at his desk, he read the message his youngest had sent.

On the train in St Louis heading to Boston (stop). Old man Garrett is behind this (stop). I’ll get Scott home safe (stop). I promise (stop)

Murdoch’s light blue eyes closed and he sighed out softly. It’s as he thought. Will that damn old man never stop trying to get his grandson to stay in Boston.

How many times in the past ten years had he schemed and plotted. And always Scott would tell him he was happy in California, and he wasn’t going to go back to Boston.

Maria came to the doorway and softly asked if he wanted anything more.

” No, I’m fine for the evening Maria. Go on home. I’ll see you in the morning.”

She sadly smiled at the Patron and turned to leave out the kitchen door to her tiny house.

Murdoch sat for a while longer, just watching the fire dance in the fireplace. He thought of his sons and how quiet and lonely the house was since they were gone.

He hoped Johnny could find and bring his brother home to Lancer, he hated the silence of the house.

On the train, Johnny was jolted awake and it took him a minute to remember where he was. He took the pocket watch Murdoch had given him, out of his pocket. He looked at it and sighed. He’d only been on this damn train six hours. Dios! It felt like a week!

He stood up and scratched Barranca’s ear. Johnny saw a man coming towards him.

” How’s he doing? He was a little agitated before, but he seems okay now.”

Johnny smiled and said, ” Yea, he’s not crazy about trains.”

The man gently caressed Barranca’s face and said, ” He sure is a beauty. You look like you could use some coffee. Come on.”

Johnny went with the man, whose name was Paul, and saw a pot belly stove in the middle of the car, a pot of coffee on the top. Johnny was handed a cup of coffee and he all but sighed as he took a sip of the hot beverage.

” It’s nice to have another person to talk to. It gets lonely with only having animals to talk to.”

” Yea I can see where it would get a little lonely. I spent the better part of my life alone, around the border towns. Now I have a family and I’m not alone anymore.”

The men talked for a while and then Johnny got up and said he was going to get some air and he’d be back in a bit.

He walked around and went to the door at the end of a car and opened the door. He stood on the platform and felt the breeze from the air as it flew over his face.

Johnny closed his eyes and thought of his brother. He missed him so much. As Johnny stood by the railing, he felt warm tears sliding down his cheeks.

As he impatiently wiped them away, he cursed Harlan Garrett out again. Damn that old man anyway! And his anger took over his whole being again, and he relished the feeling. He felt alive when he was angry and that also concerned him.

Johnny went back to the car that held his best friend, and settled in again to rest a while more. Johnny felt a little less restless, but he still wanted to find his brother and go home. He had enough of an adventure and he was done.

Four days later, they pulled into Boston. Johnny put the saddle on his horse, having taken if off three days before, and pulled the cinch tight.

As he got ready to walk Barranca down the ramp, Paul came to say goodbye.

” Hope you find your brother Johnny. Maybe I’ll see you on the return trip to St Louis and I can meet him. Good luck.”

They shook hands and as Johnny got to the bottom, he mounted Barranca. If he had only turned the other way, he would have seen the tall blonde being led away to a waiting carriage.

The black carriage rolled past Johnny, but the black window flaps had been pulled so no one could see in or out. Not that Scott could see anything, he was blindfolded and still under the drugs he’d been given.

Johnny carefully went down the streets, hearing Barranca’s shoes crunching on the cobblestone roads. He’d asked a few people along the way, if there was a quiet out of the way livery, where he could board his horse.

The one that most people mentioned was one called ‘ Martin’s Stables’, so he decided to go there.

As he walked in, he was amazed at the condition of the inside, and the horses he saw. They looked well cared for and the place was clean.

He made arrangements for Barranca’s care and took his saddlebags, the medicine which he had put in one side of the bags and his rifle. He got the name of a decent hotel nearby. 

As he got ready to leave, he said softly to the owner, ” Don’t let my horse get into trouble. He’s my best friend and I’d hate to have to fix anything that’s wrong . Okay?”

” Don’t you worry none Mister. I sleep in that office over there and the door is locked every night. So no one can come in. He’ll be well cared I promise you.”

Johnny smiled and left the stable floor. He headed for the hotel and was pleased they had a room to rent.

He went up to the room and took what money he had left, and put it in his boot. Then leaned the rifle in a corner and took his few pieces of clothes out and put them in a drawer.

He decided a meal was first order and he washed up as best as he could. He put his gun in the band of his pants, forgoing the gunbelt and put his black leather jacket on.

He left his room and walked along the streets. He found a nice restaurant and he went in and ordered steak and potatoes and a beer. He was pleasantly surprised, his meal was tasty.

He left and walked slowly back to the hotel. Once in the room, Johnny took his clothes off and as he slid into the cool sheets, he slid his Colt under the pillow.

Johnny laid awake and his thoughts turned to his brother. As he had done since finding out his brother was gone, he prayed to the heavens he would find his brother, before any harm came to him.

After a long while, Johnny’s even soft breathing signaled he was asleep. His mind running thru all types of scenarios. It was a wonder he slept as good as he did.

In a darkened house in the better part of Boston, a tall blonde was led down a set of stairs. He was still blindfolded and a whole lot groggy still.

He got to a door, that opened and he was pushed inside. He stumbled but was caught before he fell. The chains around his waist and wrists were removed, and then were attached to his wrists and a huge sturdy ring on the wall by a cot.

He fell onto the cot and fell into a lighter drugged sleep. The man who had kidnapped him said to an invisible person, ” He’ll sleep for a few more hours. He’s gonna be mad as hell when he wakes.”

The man spoke in a clipped cultured voice, ” I’ll handle him just fine. The rest of your money is upstairs.” They left and Scott was plunged into darkness.

Once upstairs, the older man brushed his jacket, as if to brush away the ugliness of what he’s done. He walked to a desk and pulled a drawer open. He had a large envelope with money in it. He handed it to the kidnapper.

” If you need me again Mr Garrett, you know where I can be found.” And he quickly left the house.

Garrett poured a brandy and sat in a comfortable chair in front of a roaring fire. Everything was going as he planned.

As Johnny slept, restlessly, his big brother was gaining consciousness. As Scott struggled up from the darkness, he knew he wasn’t in the wagon any longer. He felt a cold stone wall against his shoulder. He moved his arms and felt the chains around his wrists. Angrily, he reached up and snatched the blindfold from his eyes. He was still in the dark.

He sat up and felt how long his chains were and found they were attached to a wall. He couldn’t move very far, but he was able to move a little bit.

He looked up to see if he could see the outside, and saw a small window too far for him to reach. He sat on the cot and waited. And while he waited, he got angrier with every breath he took.

It was almost morning, by the time the door was opened. 

Scott was still awake and at this time, he was seething as he said, in a voice that was tinged with hate, ” About time you came to see your handiwork Harlan.”

Harlan Garrett stopped at the voice that was so filled with venom.

” That isn’t how I raised you Scotty.”

” My name is Scott, not Scotty! I’m so sick of your manipulations to get me to stay in Boston. I will find a way to get loose and then you will never see me again! I have never hated someone so much as I hate you right now!”

” Come now Scotty, you’ll feel better in time. Unfortunately, I have to keep you here, until I am sure you are going to stay here.”

Scott got up and walked towards his grandfather, but couldn’t go all the way there, because the chains weren’t long enough. Harlan knew that, and stayed just beyond reach.

” Unlock these chains now! You have no right to keep me here against my will! Kidnapping, illegally holding me against my will, drugging me, and I’m sure I could find a few more charges.”

A young maid appeared, pushing a cart with food, coffee and water on it. Harlan moved out of the way, and she pushed it towards Scott. As Scott looked at the top of the cart, he saw a lantern and some matches and a couple books.

” Something to pass the time Scotty, while you come to your senses. You will get a cart with food and beverages three times a day. Also a filled lantern and two new books to read. Staying here will be entirely up to you Scotty.”

The maid looked at Scott with sad brown eyes and turned to leave. Harlan turned and shut the door, and Scott heard it lock. The only source of fresh air was the little window up high. Scott lit the lantern and slowly ate the food. At least he could keep up his strength, so he’d be ready if he found a way out of this tiny room.

Scott wondered how far behind Johnny was. He began to relax and just think of his younger brother.

” Please Johnny. Get me the hell out of this place!”

Johnny bolted up into a sitting position. That feeling! Scott was sending him the sign he needed. He rubbed his chest. ‘Man! It was stronger now! He must be close now!”

He got dressed, slid his Colt into the back of his pants, and put his black leather jacket on. He’d forego breakfast, this time around. He quickly left the room.

He went swiftly to the front counter. A half asleep man with a neatly trimmed moustache stood behind the counter.

” Is there a telegraph office nearby?”

” Why yes there is. One building up from the restaurant called Mae’s. Mr Harvey should be there by now .”

Johnny thanked him and turned swiftly and proceeded out the door, his spurs jingling noisily on the carpeting of the front lobby. He headed towards the restaurant and saw the ‘ open’ sign in the telegraph office.

Johnny went in and softly said, ” I need to send a telegram.”

The gentleman behind the counter slid a pad and a pencil towards the obviously agitated young man in front of him.

In Boston (stop). Think Scott is here (stop). Feelings are stronger (stop). Will get him safe soon as possible (stop).


” If I get a reply, I’m either at Mae’s or the Grand Hotel.”

After johnny paid, he spun on his feet and angry spurs followed him out and next door to the restaurant.

He ordered coffee and breakfast. As he waited, his hand again rose to rub his chest. It was so strong it hurt deep inside. As Johnny rubbed, it felt a little better.

His thoughts were all jumbled up again, but the one thought he kept having was he had to find Scott and get him away from Harlan Garrett. That man was capable of doing all types of damage to his brother.

While Johnny was just finishing his meal, the man from the telegraph office came in. He held a message out to Johnny and said, ” It just come in Mister. I seen you were still here so I come in here first.”

Johnny opened the message. It was short, but he knew Murdoch was worried, by his choice of words.

Do what yo have to ( stop). Be careful Son (stop). Get him safe (stop).

Dios! Murdoch never signed or said the word Pa ever. And he rarely, if ever, called him Son. The man was really putting all his hopes into Johnny saving Scott.

He paid for his meal, stood up and put his hat on his head. He put Murdoch’s message in his pocket. After he left, he hailed a horse drawn cab and told the driver he needed to go to Beacon Hills, the home of Harlan Garrett. He sat back in the cab and watched as the cab weaved in and out of the traffic.

After the cab left, Johnny was on the sidewalk in front of Garrett’s house. He pulled his watch out of his pocket. He noted it was after ten o’clock, so he surmised Garrett was at his office.

Stealthily, Johnny crept nearer to the cold brick house. It was huge and from what Scott always told him, it was never a warm place to be.

Johnny snuck around back where he figured the kitchen would be. He saw a couple young girls helping a large woman with preparing the noon meal. Johnny wondered why all the cooking, if Garrett was at the office. Scott told him he never came home until six at night.

As Johnny watched, one of the girls was putting plates and bowls of food, a carafe of coffee and a lantern with a full bowl of oil. She reached for the key the larger woman held out and wheeled the cart out of the kitchen.

Johnny stayed watching for a little longer, and noticed she returned with a cart of empty bowls and plates and another lantern that was almost empty of oil. She handed the key back and proceeded to wash the dishes.

Johnny observed the house for a week. Always the same little girl taking the cart to and from wherever it was going.

One day, Johnny was hidden in some trees and this same girl came out of the house. She walked to the gardens and began to cut blooms to put in her basket.

Johnny slowly walked towards her, as quiet as a cat, even his spurs were silent. Softly, Johnny said, ” Hello Beautiful. You look like you fit in with all these flowers. Do you work here?”

The girl was shocked, but also intrigued. She saw the beautiful smile, the deep sapphire eyes that sparkled when he looked at her. Instantly, she felt drawn to him and she quietly answered his questions.

As they talked among the blooms, Johnny found out her name was Sarah. His smile made her smile and he lifted his hand to caress her cheek.

” Such a beautiful name for a beautiful young lady.”

 *** ALERT ***

Johnny was slowly maneuvering Sarah towards a large tree, and soon her back was against the rough bark. Johnny moved close to her and just barely touched her body with his. One hand on the tree by her head, the other hand gently caressing her cheek.

As he touched her, his breathing changed, and got very deep. Even though he didn’t want to do this, to her, he moved his body against her’s, feeling her pressing against him.

Johnny’s head lowered and his lips found her’s, slowly kissing them and as she responded, more intensely. He slid his tongue across her soft lips and she slowly opened her lips. His tongue slid into her mouth, and Johnny heard the soft sigh of her surrender to him.

Johnny’s fingers opened the top of her uniform, and slipped his fingers in to caress her well rounded breasts. His fingertips caressed across her nipples and she moaned softly into his mouth.

Johnny’s breathing got faster and he moved his fingers from her breasts, and he slid his fingers down her body. He got his hands to her waist, and slowly began to lift her skirt up.

Johnny’s fingers slid down to the top of her under garments and he slid his fingers inside to touch her warm silky skin. He felt her stiffen against his touch. He moved his lips from her’s and gently nibbled on her soft neck.

Soon, she was like putty in his hands and his fingers, one at a time, slid into her moist warm body. She arched against Johnny’s touch and moaned softly. Her body began to tremble, and Johnny slid his fingers deeper into her body, moving them in and out in a steady rhythm.

Against her cheeks, his warm breath caressing her skin, he encouraged her to release herself to his touch. Johnny felt her nearing orgasm as she tightened around his fingers. 

Johnny felt her release and his lips once again found her’s.

When he removed his fingers from her body, his hand unbuttoned his pants and he slid them down his legs. He also removed Sarah’s under garments all together.

He put his hands on her butt and he lifted her up and pushed her back against the rough bark of the tree. Sarah felt Johnny’s body moving closer to her’s and as his hips moved against her, she felt him enter her body.

Johnny knew she was up against a time limit, so he wasted no time at all, as he began to slowly build to a rhythm. Harder and deeper Johnny pushed his hips into Sarah.

Her nails gripped Johnny’s shoulders, even thru his shirt, but he was too far gone to notice the pain. Johnny’s hands gripped her hips tighter as he pounded once, twice into her body. Johnny felt that tightening in Sarah’s body, and it was a matter of seconds and Johnny could feel his release into her body as her trembling caressed over him.

Johnny held her against his body and the rough bark of the tree for a few minutes longer.

Johnny’s lips caressed over Sarah’s and she winced inside, because they were a bit tender from his rough kisses.

Johnny’s hand softly caressed her cheek and he softly said, ” Are you okay Sarah? I didn’t want to take you like this, but you were so delicious.”

Johnny slowly let her legs fall to the ground and held her steady while she fixed her clothing into some semblance of order. She bent to pick up the basket of flowers she had.

Johnny fixed his pants and as he buttoned the last button on his pants, he very softly said, ” Will you be here again?”

She smiled as she started to walk to the kitchen door, she playfully said, “I can be here tomorrow, if you want…..”

She looked at him in question and he smiled his best smile and said, “Johnny.”

” I’ll be here tomorrow Johnny.” And she went the rest of the way to the kitchen.

Johnny grinned and thought to himself, ‘ Man, that was a rather pleasant way to spend fifteen minutes. Tomorrow I will ask her about Scott.’

He picked up his jacket and his gun he had dropped to the ground, and slid out of the trees and went back to the hotel.

There was a bit of a bounce in Johnny’s step, and he felt rather pleased with himself. Not only had he given her two orgasms, but he found a release for himself. Tomorrow, he would turn up the heat on Sarah.

He still had the smile on his lips as he went into his room. He stripped out of his clothes, and washed her scent from his body. He changed into a clean shirt and pants, and went to the restaurant.

He sat at a table and the same waitress from before was working. She tried everything to catch Johnny’s eye, but he was in another wold. He couldn’t believe how he felt after taking Sarah. He enjoyed it more than he thought. He’d enjoy another romp with her, maybe the next time in a bed. Man, what he could do to her in a bed!

Johnny did notice the waitress was almost sitting in his lap, and he just wasn’t as turned on as he was before. He smiled pleasantly, but it certainly wasn’t one of his killer smiles.

She kinda pouted and left to get his food. He sat and thought about Sarah, which was very unlike him. She got under his skin for some reason, he didn’t understand.

Johnny ate his dinner and then without a backwards glance to the waitress, he got up and went upstairs to his room. As Johnny laid in the bed, his thoughts were on Sarah and not his brother. Which kept Johnny awake most of the night, with a type of guilt he couldn’t deal with at the moment. Scott was the most important person in his life, how could he be thinking about a tiny little maid over his brother.

Finally, Johnny fell into a restless sleep and was able to clear his mind and finally fell asleep.

He awoke less than refreshed and set about getting his plan started, on figuring out how to find and rescue his brother from Harlan’s grasp.

This morning, Scott woke to a feeling that something was going to happen to get him out of this hell hole.

Scott heard the key in the lock and the door was opened. Sarah came in with the cart loaded wth his breakfast, and wearing a smile a mile wide.

” Morning Scott. How are you this morning?”

Scott’s lips turned up at her rather very infectious smile, and he quietly said, ” I’m okay, considering. Why are you smiling this morning?”

She got this dreamy look on her face and softly said, ” Oh I had the most wonderful time yesterday with someone I just met.”

Scott raised one eyebrow and said, ” A man, I’m assuming.”

Her soft laugh tickled across the walls of Scott’s cell and she said, ” Scott, yes of course a man! Oh, it was so exciting. I’d never felt like that before. Johnny said he’d be back today. I can’t wait.”

At the mention of the name, Scott sat up and said, “Johnny, his name is Johnny? Is he a dark haired man with striking blue eyes?”

Sarah’s mouth opened and she looked at Scott for a long full minute. Her eyes seemed to say, ‘ How does Scott know what he looks like? Does Scott know who Johnny is?’

Sarah looked at Scott and got instantly leary. She didn’t know if she should trust Scott, and tell him what he wants to know.

Softly, as she lowered her eyes, she said, ” Yes, he has dark hair and the most beautiful dark blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Do you know him Scott? “

Scott stood up from his cot, so fast, that Sarah almost backed up. Scott’s hands reached for her upper arms and held her still.

 “That’s my brother! He’s come to help me get out of here. when Harlan goes to work, you bring him here to get me out! you hear Sarah!?”

She nodded that she understood and quickly left the cell, locking it behind her.

Scott sat down heavily on the cot. johnny! oh my god, he’s here! His whole being felt lighter than since the beginning of this nightmare.

He settled down to eat breakfast, and the pain he had was slowly disappearing, and he was actually beginning to have hope again.

While Scott was eating breakfast, Johnny woke to a formulated plan on what he was going to do when he got to Garrett’s house again.

Johnny dressed with extra care. He put on his favorite pink shirt and the pants with the silver buttons up the outside edges of his tight black pants.

He slid the colt to the back of his pants, then put on his leather jacket. He reached for his hat and left his room. He didn’t stop to have breakfast, but went out the lobby door and hailed a cab.

Johnny headed to Harlan’s house and snuck back to the kitchen windows. His soft smile crept to his lips as he spied Sarah. He was ready to put his plan into action and he was so beyond ready to get Scott and go home. He’s had enough of Boston!

Johnny watched Sarah push her cart down the hall, and he was sure it was to his brother she was taking it. He rubbed his chest as the pain reawakened in his body. ‘ hang in there Brother, I’ll get you out soon!’

Scott could feel the same sort of feeling in his chest, and his hand reached up to rub his chest. He was still rubbing his chest, when Sarah came with his lunch.

” Scott, what’s wrong? Are you alright? Should I send for a doctor?”

He smiled softly at her concern and he softly said, ” No, I’m okay Sara. I feel Johnny in my heart. it’s kinda a brother thing. He’s searching for me sarah.”

She sat in the chair by the door and she said, ” I know Scott, Johnny told me he’s searching for his brother. How do I help him and you? I’m so tired of your grandfather treating people like this. He doesn’t love you Scott, not if he does this too you!”

Scott’s eyes closed and he sighed in relief that she was willing to go against that old man. He hoped Johnny was nearby so we could go home as soon as possible.

Sarah left and said she’d help Johnny. She took the other cart with her and Scott again heard the lock click shut.

Johnny felt like he was waiting and hiding for half the day, before he heard the door open and he saw Sarah almost running to the trees he was hiding in.

He was hiding in a different spot, and his smile grew on his lips as he heard Sarah calling his name.

He very quietly snuck up behind her and as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against his body, she squealed with her surprise.

” Johnny! Oh my goodness, you scared me! Were you hiding Johnny!?”

As Johnny lowered his lips to suck on her neck, Sarah swore to herself she heard him purring in her ear. She shivered in her delight.

A few minutes later, Sarah turned in Johnny’s arms to face him.

” I know where your brother is and I told him I’d help you get him out of that horrible room. Johnny, he’s chained to the wall like an animal!”

At her soft words, Johnny’s sapphire eyes began to frost over. he felt a rage, once again, building inside of his body.

” Can we get Scott out now? I need to get him safe.”

Sarah held up a small ring with keys on it. She told Johnny it was one key for the outside door to the cellar, the door of the room and the chains around his wrists.

Johnny’s eyes began to glitter with blue ice.

” Let’s get Scott out now. I have a plan for old man Garrett, before this is done.”

Sarah and Johnny went carefully to a side door, almost covered by ivy vines. Johnny took the keys from her, and after she pointed to the key, he slid it into the lock and the door swung open.

Johnny’s heart began to beat faster, and he gently rubbed his chest. his brother was near.

They slowly walked down the stairs and came to a passageway that was lit with torches. Sarah moved quickly down the passageway, Johnny’s spurs were singing softly as he moved behind her.

They came to a large metal door, that looked almost brand new. Johnny took a deep breath and slid the key into the lock. As he heard the click of the door opening, Johnny stepped in.

Scott lifted his head from the book he held on his lap, and a slow smile came to his lips.

” I knew you would find me Brother.”

Johnny walked over to where Scott was just standing up. He threw his arms around Scott and held him tight. Scott’s arms held Johnny tightly. The brothers softly exchanging words of relief at being together again.

Johnny backed up and held up the key ring.

” Come on Brother, we are getting you out of here!”

Johnny reached for the chains around his brother’s wrists, and unlocked the lock. Scott rubbed his wrists and again reached for his brother.

Sarah moved out of the shadows, and Scott turned to her.

” Thanks Sarah.” And he leaned over and kissed her cheek softly. Johnny heard a soft giggle and thought of the rest of his plan.

Scott moved towards the door, and turned to look at his brother. ” We aren’t leaving this house until I finally have it out with that old man.”

Johnny smiled and said, ” Lead the way Brother.”

All three left that tiny room just as it was, and followed Scott up the stairs to the kitchen. When he walked into the kitchen, the kitchen stood still.

A large rotund woman turned and said, ” Oh Mr Scott! Where were you? Were you the one in that little room your grandfather told us not to go to.”

She moved to Scott’s side, ” You look so thin, would you like me to fix something for you?”

Scott patted her cheek and smiled. ” No, Mrs Miller. I would like you and your staff to take the rest of the day off. Please inform the house staff as well. I’d like everyone to take the day off.”

Mrs Miller’s eyes widened and she quietly said, ” All of us Mr Scott? “

” Yes, everyone Mrs Miller.”

She reached behind her back and untied her apron and layed it carefully on the counter. She turned to her staff and said, “Girls.” They followed her actions and everyone turned to leave the kitchen.

It took almost thirty minutes for the entire house staff to gather their coats and leave the residence.

Scott, Johnny and Sarah all walked into the den. Scott poured a large glass of Harlan’s best whiskey, and then sat on the sofa. He took a large satisfying sip.

Johnny and Sarah stood in the doorway, and Johnny had a ‘Madrid’ smile on his lips. He watched his brother just savoring the drink.

Johnny reached for Sarah’s hand and they quietly left Scott to enjoy his drink. As they headed to the staircase, Johnny leaned over and whispered, ” I’d love to make love to you. In a bed.”

As Johnny watched Sarah, he saw her eyes suddenly brighten with a growing desire.

She pulled Johnny after her, down the darkened hallway to a huge dark brown door. Johnny turned to her with surprise on his face, and she swung the door, both sides, open wide.

Johnny walked into the room, and then turned to Sarah.

“Who’s room is this Sarah?”

She smiled, a very evil looking smile and said, ” Mr Garrett’s, Johnny.”

His smile got wider and he pulled Sarah to his hard chest and he was sure she could feel how excited he was already.

He leaned down and started to kiss her lips. All the while, moving her back towards the bed. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she slid her fingers into his thick wavy hair.

Johnny stopped moving and released Sarah. He looked into her eyes and moved his fingers to the buttons on her uniform. every time her skin was bared, Johnny slid his fingers over her skin.

Sarah’s fingers were busy as well, and she soon had his shirt open. Her eyes locked on Johnny’s dark hair covered chest. 

Her tongue came out of her mouth to run along her lips. Her fingertips softly touched johnny. she felt him as he trembled when she touched his chest.

Sarah pulled the shirt from his pants, and then dropped her hands to his waist and the buckles she felt. Undoing the buckles, she opened Johnny’s pants and slid her tiny hand into the top of his pants. her fingers searched for and found what she now desired.

 *** ALERT ***

Johnny stopped moving his hands and just let Sarah have her moment. She pushed his pants down a little bit and her fingers tentatively touched Johnny. She heard his gentle gasp of surprise and he automatically pushed his hips into her tiny hand.

Johnny put his hand on top of her hand and stopped her movements. He was panting and his eyes were darkened with his rising excitement.

” Don’t Querida, you keep touching me like that, and it’s gonna be a short night.”

Sarah’s head lifted and her brown eyes were shining with a desire she was being overwhelmed with. She again ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips.

Johnny’s hands suddenly began to remove her uniform and soon Sarah was naked in front of him. Johnny’s sapphire eyes began to sparkle. He gently picked her up and laid her on the big bed. She shivered as her back was caressed by the cool silk sheets underneath her.

As Sarah laid on the bed, she watched as Johnny began to slowly take his clothes off. She could already feel that tickling in her belly, and Johnny watched the change come over her.

Johnny pulled the rest of his clothes off and then as he stood there, his eyes locked on her, as his hand lazily moved to gently touch himself.

Sarah watched as Johnny touched himself. She lifted her hand and with a small wolfish grin he slowly got on the bed.

Johnny slowly moved his body over Sarah’s, barely allowing his body to touch her’s. He slowly slid his one hand down her chest, causing Sarah’s nipples to harden. She wiggled under Johnny’s body, and Johnny’s smile widened.

Johnny slid his powerful legs in between Sarah’s legs, and slowly pushed her’s apart. She shivered with the caress of air across her inner private parts. She couldn’t close her legs, and her eyes widened when Johnny began to touch the soft hair between her legs. He caressed up and down her thighs, inside and out. When he moved his hand to the inside of her thigh, his thumb caressed across a part of her body that clenched her belly and caused her to gasp.

Johnny lowered his head and captured her lips. As he began to kiss her hard and intensely, Sarah felt Johnny slide a finger inside of her. He moved it inside of her slowly, rubbing all the places he knew was going to make her insane with desires.

Her eyes closed as Johnny slid a second finger inside of her. Sarah’s head pushed back against the pillows and her hips began to push up against Johnny’s movements. It almost felt as tho Johnny’s fingers were going inside of her to two different speeds and directions.

Johnny could feel her body clenching around his fingers and there was a change in her breathing. It became harder, as if she was panting. When he changed the depth and movement of his fingers, he heard a moan, softly caressing over him.

He slowly slid one more finger into Sarah’s body, and her moan became a cry of passion. He moved them faster, and his thumb slid over her tiny nub, and that caused Sarah to see stars and she cried out loudly.

Johnny kept up the pressure and movement against that spot, and was rewarded with feeling her orgasm flow over his fingers. Johnny, for a few seconds while Sarah was being rocked by her orgasm, moved his fingers faster, thereby creating a stronger orgasm inside of her.

Sarah’s hands pushed back against the sturdy headboard, and her body pushed against Johnny’s fingers, causing them to go even deeper.

Johnny decided to give her a second orgasm with his fingers, and as he cupped his fingers, he put four inside her body, turning and pushing deeply.

Sarah’s body no longer was her’s to control, she was trapped by Johnny’s fingers. Her breathing was more than panting now. it seemed like she wasn’t able to breathe, but she was.

” Johnny!! What are you doing to me!?”

Sarah trembled and bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming. 

Johnny leaned down to her ear, and softly breathed against her skin.

” Don’t hold it in Baby. Cry out, it excites me to hear your cries of passion and surrender Sarah.”

Her cries echoed around the room, and Johnny even began to tremble. He held his own pleasure in, and it was a real strain on him. He wanted to be inside her so badly.

When her trembling body began to relax, Johnny’s fingers left her body. 

Johnny was sweating, but not as much as Sarah. He wiped the sweat from her face and leaned down and captured her lips. she barely had enough energy to kiss Johnny back.

As his lips locked onto her’s, Johnny moved his arms to slide under Sarah’s legs. He slowly lifted them up to rest on his shoulders. Johnny slowly moved his body closer to Sarah’s body. Before Sarah knew it, Johnny had slid into her body.

Her eyes snapped open and found Johnny watching her reaction. His smile was pure Madrid, and he began to move his hips against her. Sarah moved with him, and this caused Johnny to go deeper into her body, touching places that he didn’t when they were together by the flowering garden.

These were new feeling to Sarah. She’d never felt a man touch her like Johnny did. Her body was swept away on a wave of passion that Johnny as stoking higher and higher. The fires he was creating in her body, about to explode and consume then both.

Her hands lifted to Johnny’s back and up towards his shoulders. He felt the bite as her nails slid into his skin. Sarah could feel Johnny’s muscles tighten and move, as he moved inside of her body.

” Madre de Dios! You are driving me insane Sarah!”

Before Sarah could answer, her body was shaking, almost vibrating with her passions, the passions Johnny was creating.

Johnny’s hands moved to Sarah’s shoulders and the next thing Sarah knew, Johnny had rolled to his back and Sarah was on top of Johnny.

Johnny went deeper and the point deep inside of her was now caressed and it was new and exciting. Sarah threw her head back and her hair tickled his thighs. That feeling caused Johnny to momentarily lose his concentration.

” Ride me Sarah, ride like I was a wild stallion. Move against me Baby!”

Sarah began to move her hips against his body, and Johnny’s hips would push up into her body. Soon, they matched their rhythm, and began to move as one.

Sarah’s eyes became unfocused and that was when Johnny flipped them again. He again picked her legs up and began to pound into her body. He became as a man possessed, and he felt her body clenching and unclenching around him. Johnny felt a tightening in his own body, and he released his orgasm into Sarah’s body. Johnny’s roar of passion slid over Sarah’s ears.

Johnny collapsed on Sarah, his soft panting breath caressing her neck. He held his upper body up as well as he could, and both Sarah and Johnny could feel his arms trembling.

As their breathing began to slow, Johnny rolled off Sarah’s body. He pulled her to his body, and she laid her cheek against his sweaty chest, feeling the soft wet hair caressing her cheek.

He wrapped his arm around her and his voice, raspy sounding, “Dios! You are incredible Baby!”

Sarah could feel a wet stickiness under her body, and she knew it was ruining old man Garrett’s sheets, and she didn’t care.

They got up a few minutes later and Johnny took the sheet and wiped Sarah’s body and his with it. He threw it back on the bed when he was done. Yhey got dressed after that.

 xxx END ALERT xxx

They walked back downstairs and as Johnny went into the den to be with his brother, Sarah went to the kitchen. She went back up the stairs a bit later.

Johnny sat in a matching chair to the sofa, and locked his eyes on Scott. Scott smiled and got up. He walked to the bar against the wall, poured a large brandy snifter, and said to Johnny, ” You’ll enjoy this brandy Johnny, it’s smooth.”

They talked quietly about what Johnny and Sarah just did in the old man’s bedroom and Scott looked rather pleased with that bit of information.

They heard approaching footsteps, and Scott got up and went behind the dark drapes for the windows. Johnny sat with his glass of brandy resting on his leg, and waited.

When Johnny heard the door open, his smile became Madrid and his eyes frosted over, as Johnny Madrid took over.

” Jamison! Where are you man!”

” I gave him the day off old man.”

he soft voice was laced with venom and he waited until Garrett saw him.

He stopped once he got into the den.

” You! How did you get into my house Madrid?! Where is everyone?!”

Johnny just sat and locked his eyes on the man he hated with such a passion, he could feel the fire in his gut building.

” I wanted to see the mighty Harlan Garrett get what he deserved. Was very clever to kidnap my Brother and drug him, and take him cross the country. Keep him in that tiny prison until he stayed. How long were you planning on keeping my Brother chained to the wall?”

Johnny could see the anger rising in his eyes, but he kept on.

” I imagine all of what you did to my Brother, could be charges brought against you. I’m sure Murdoch will be happy as a pig in a mud wallow, when he learns of everything you’ve done to Scott.”

” Scotty won’t testify against me! You’ll see, he won’t!”

That was when Scott came from behind the drapes. The look on Harlan’s face was priceless. He looked as tho he was gonna piss in his pants.

Scott walked towards Harlan and you could see the rage flaring up in those silver blue eyes.

” Scott! For the last time, old man, my name is Scott! You have your nerve to still dictate my life, even tho I’m over twentyone and no longer under your thumb. I have never been so embarrassed to be someone’s kin as I am right now. You made me live in that cold dank cell for two weeks, before my Brother could find me.”

Garrett interrupted and said, ” How did he know it was me who did this Scotty?”

Scott turned real fast and threw the brandy snifter into the fireplace, where it exploded into a shower of glass shards.

” Your kidnapper left a bread trail east a mile wide old man! That’s how! And if you think I won’t testify against you, think again! Never have I hated someone so much, as I do you old man. I’m not your grandson any longer. I don’t want to hear from you or see you ever again. You are nothing to me! I have grandmother’s trust and you can’t touch it. I will never ever come back to Boston. You will not be welcome at Lancer ever again.”

Scott turned around to look out a window and said, ” I can’t even look at you, you disgust me old man!”

Harlan dropped to his knees on the carpet and Johnny saw tears in his eyes.

” You can’t do this to me Scotty. I’m the one who raised you. Your father wanted nothing to do with you for the first twenty four years of your life! “

Scott once again spun around and he snarled, ” No, he came when I was five years old. You threatened him with legal proceedings that would take all his money away. For ten years, I’ve known all about what you did, and I’ve always forgiven you. But no more. I disown you! Forever!”

Harlan lowered his head and that was when he heard someone coming down the main staircase. He saw it was one of his kitchen staff, but she looked different somehow.

Sarah walked over and stood by Johnny and put a small hand on his shoulder, and glared at Harlan.

” You might want to wash or buy new sheets. Johnny and I made love for five hours in your bed. You’ll be happy to know, your bed is very comfortable.”

Harlan’s face got red with his rage and Sarah added another kick to Harlan as she said, ” Oh, and your suits are really nice dust rags now. I left the pieces on the wet and stained sheets on the bed.”

Johnny smiled, one of those Madrid smiles, that don’t quite reach his eyes. Slowly, Johnny stood up and reached behind him and pulled his Colt out, and leveled it at Harlan.

” Get up old man.” Johnny spoke in that calm quiet voice that he reserved for gun fights. His sapphire eyes held a strange glitter as he watched Harlan slowly get to his feet.

Sarah left Johnny’s side and went back towards the kitchen. Harlan had no idea why. He turned his eyes to Johnny and looked at the gun held steady in his right hand.

” Let’s go old man,” and he pushed Harlan towards the door leading to the cellar.

They stopped in front of the cell that Scott was held in, as a prisoner, for two weeks. Johnny pushed Harlan into the room and reached for the chains and cuffs still lying on the bed. Right where they laid after Johnny had rescued Scott.

Sarah came down the passageway, pushing a rolling cart loaded with food and beverages, a lantern and some books. It wasn’t the rich food he was used to and then he heard Sarah’s soft voice.

” Enjoy it Mr Garrett. This is what your grandson was forced to eat for two weeks. Oh, and by the way, I quit. I have a new job now.”

Harlan lifted his eyes to beseech his grandson to help him. He saw Scott smirking and his last word to Harlan was “goodbye.” not goodbye Grandfather or even goodbye Harlan, just one simple word, ” goodbye.” And he walked out of the room.

Johnny’s final words to Harlan were softly spoken, ” I’ll arrange for the house staff to find you in the morning. Don’t come to LAncer anymore, you will be shot on sight. Oh, and if anything like this happens to my Brother again, I won’t be so kind.”

Johnny turned and walked out the door and locked it. Of course, Harlan was screaming to be let out. Evidently, he forgot he had made the room sound proof.

The brothers and Sarah walked back upstairs and left the house. Scott felt free for the first time in years, and he smiled at his brother.

” Thanks Johnny. I owe you.”

Johnny blushed and softly said, ” It’s okay Boston. Besides Lancer takes care of her own.”

They walked Sarah to the house her friend worked at. She turned to Johnny and quietly asked if he would see her before they left Boston. Johnny lowered his head and slid his hands to her cheeks. His lips caressed her’s with a quiet hunger and he softly said he’d see her before they left.

The brothers walked to the hotel and went up to Johnny’s room. Scott sat on one bed, Johnny sat on the other one. They grinned at each other.

The next morning, the brothers awoke and went to the restaurant and had a very satisfying breakfast. Afterwards, they walked to the telegraph office, where Johnny sent a telegram to Murdoch.

Rescued Scott ( stop). Will take train to St Louis tomorrow (stop). Will be home in 20 days (stop)

After that, the brothers went for a short tour around Boston. Scott showing his brother the University and other places he was happy. Soon, the brothers headed to the house where Sarah was now working.

Sarah came to the back door, and she flew to Johnny’s arms. Johnny wrapped his arms around her tiny body and kissed her fully on the lips.

” Thank you again Sarah for helping my brother. If it wasn’t for you, it would have taken so much longer.”

She pulled from Johnny’s arms, tears slowly forming in her brown eyes.

” You’re leaving, aren’t you Johnny?”

” In the morning. We’ve been away from the ranch too long.”

” I won’t ever see you again, will I?”

Johnny’s fingers came up to her cheek and he gently wiped her tears, which were slowly sliding down her cheeks.

” Sarah, it’s for the best. I wouldn’t fit in here in this place. it’s too loud, and noisy. I’m used to being in open spaces.”

Her tiny hands rose to his chest. He could feel the heat going thru his shirt to his skin, and he had to bite the inside of his mouth. He knew, in his heart, that if he didn’t get away from her soft touch, he’d stay.

Johnny stepped away from her touch and gently kissed her soft moist cheek.

” Bye Sarah. I won’t forget you.”

With those sad words, Johnny suddenly turned and walked quickly away from her. Scott followed behind him. Sarah watched until the brothers rounded a corner. Sarah sighed softly and wiped the tears from her cheeks, and went back into the house. She’d always have her memories.

Scott caught up with his brother and reached out and grabbed his arm to stop him.

As Johnny spun around to face his brother, Scott saw the pain etched in Johnny’s sapphire eyes.

Softly, Scott said, ” Johnny, you love her, don’t you? You almost stayed here, to be with her, didn’t you!”

Johnny lowered his head and very softly said, ” I know it wouldn’t have worked Scott. I need open spaces and clean fresh air. I’d never survive in this place.”

” Johnny, you were gonna stay, weren’t you?”

Johnny’s head slowly lifted and he softly, in almost a whisper, he said, “Yea, for a minute, I was going to stay. I love her Scott, and I have to let her go. Don’t I?”

Scott put his arm around his little brother’s shoulder and quietly said, “Yes you do Johnny. You’ll have your memories tho. And yes, I know, that’s not the same. If you stayed here, Murdoch would miss you a lot.”

He got quieter and said even softer, ” And I’d miss you too Brother. Who would I have to fix fences with, or go to saloons with, if you stayed here?”

Johnny lifted his head all the way up and he smiled, a slow smile that slid up into his eyes.

” You couldn’t cope if I was out of your life Boston. Face it, you need me Brother.”

” Yea, I need you little Brother, just as you need me.”

Their smiles matched each other and they walked back towards the hotel. On the way, they stopped at the train depot. Johnny purchased two tickets and a spot for Barranca.

They had a last good meal in the hotel restaurant, and went up to the room they were sharing for one night. As they each slid into their beds, and just before they fell asleep, Johnny heard Scott’s soft voice from across the room.

” Thanks for coming after me Johnny.”

” Anytime Scott, but let’s do it in California next time.”

They both laughed and soon they were asleep.

The next morning, they woke early and collected Barranca, who seemed to sense they were going home. Waiting to board the livestock car, he danced sideways and seemed full of unused energy.

Johnny settled him in the stall and went with his brother to the nearest car to sit. Johnny sat by the window and was just going to settle into his seat and he turned to his left.

There standing outside the window was Sarah. Johnny got up instantly and went to the open door on the car.

” Sarah, what are you doing here?”

” Wanted to say goodbye one more time Johnny. You are very special to me and I don’t think I’ll ever find anyone like you again. You gave me a life for a few days that I will always cherish. Think of me sometimes Johnny. Okay?”

She quickly leaned up and kissed Johnny’s lips and then just as quickly, she turned and ran from the train platform. Johnny’s eyes tried to track her, but she had been swallowed up in the milling crowd.

He slowly went back to his seat by his brother and sat down heavily.

” It will pass Brother. You’ll be able to think about her and it won’t hurt as much.”

Johnny’s soft smile lit up his face and he quietly said, ” I won’t forget her Scott, not for a very long time.”

As the train slowly began to move, a pair of wet brown eyes watched silently from the shadows.

” Bye Johnny. I’ll never forget you. Be happy in California.”

After four days, the train stopped at St Louis, where they collected Barranca and went to a livery to purchase a horse for Scott.

They ate a meal and started out for home. On the way, they talked about everything that had happened.

A little less than a month later, both brothers were riding under the Lancer arch.

Murdoch was on the porch and he was wearing an ear to ear smile.

” Welcome home Boys. I’ve been waiting a long time to see you two coming under that arch.”

The three Lancers went into the house, Murdoch’s arms around the shoulders of his sons.

” Okay boys, tell me what Harlan did this time. “

The brothers looked at each other. Scott said, ” Get a large drink Murdoch, this is gonna take a while.”

Murdoch lifted his eyes to the ceiling and reached for his Scotch bottle, and he softly sighed.





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  1. Hi Robyn,
    You were right about the warnings. Loved the whole story line. Very passionate.

    Margaret s


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