Barn Dance by PatriciaG

Word Count 5,443

Beta: Sheri and Raian

Part One of Dance Trilogy

Episode tag: Chase A Wild Horse

Teresa sighed contentedly as she wrapped her arms around Scott’s elbow, resting her head on his upper arm. Scott looked down at his sister. “You look like you had a good time today, sweetheart.”

“Oh, I did. A barn dance is a great way to meet new neighbors. You don’t think Murdoch will be worried that we stayed so late?” Scott shook his head no. Teresa smiled as she listened to the gentle clip clop of the horses’ shoes on the road from Modesto that ran along the eastern border of the Lancer ranch.

“It’s a good thing they had two sons for you to dance with,” Johnny chimed in as he rode alongside their spring carriage. Barranca’s hoof beats blended in with the carriage horses’. “But that daughter sure had her eyes on you, Scott! What was her name?”

“Winifred.” Teresa continued on her train of thought. “I really appreciate you taking me to the dance tonight, Scott … oh and Johnny I’m glad you decided to come, too.”

“Well, actually … it’s the other way around,” Scott started to explain. “Johnny and I tossed a coin and he … well, he was supposed to take you, but I didn’t want to miss out, so you got us both.”

“So, Johnny, you lost the coin toss again?” Teresa grinned at her dark-haired brother.

“So, brother, when ya gonna ask the girl out?” Johnny changed the subject. “I sure hope those brothers of hers aren’t as overprotective as they seemed.”

Scott sighed. “She’s a little young for me. I think she might be closer to your age.”

Johnny turned to face his brother, “I would, except it looked like she already had her hooks in …

A shot rang out. Johnny fell forward onto Barranca’s neck before falling to the ground. “Johnny!” screamed Teresa. Scott stopped the carriage and ran over to Johnny. The nimble blond grabbed the rifle from the scabbard on Johnny’s horse and handed it to Teresa. He scooped his brother up and threw him in beside Teresa. Then Scott leapt up onto Barranca.

“Teresa, go!” Scott commanded as he kicked Barranca into a fast gallop. Teresa slapped the reins on the  backs of the carriage horses as she took off after her older brother. Scott stayed low over the horse’s neck as they sped away from the attackers. Up ahead, Scott saw an old dilapidated structure. “Head for that cabin!” Scott yelled and pointed.

The carriage skidded to a hard stop. “Teresa, give me some rifle cover!” Scott yelled as he sprinted toward the carriage. He grabbed Johnny under the arms and dragged him into the cabin. After quickly, but carefully, laying Johnny on the floor, the oldest Lancer grabbed Johnny’s gun and ran back out to give Teresa some cover so she could get into the cabin safely. Once inside, they dragged Johnny toward the back wall of the empty one-room cabin that had definitely seen better days. They were lucky it was still standing. It looked as if a strong wind could blow it over.

“I got em, pa. I got em!” The shooter waved his rifle in the air whooping and hollering.

“But you didn’t kill him, boy. Get on your horse. They’re gettin’ away.” The father and son ambushers jumped on their  horses and gave chase.

Teresa begin to inspect Johnny’s prone body. “Help me to sit up,” Johnny ground out as he grimaced from the pain. Teresa opened his shirt to see blood on his left side. Looking at the exit wound she stated, “At least the bullet went all the way through.”

Meanwhile, Scott search the cabin hoping there would be something useful. “Nothing!” Scott slammed the cabinet door in the kitchen area then returned to sit by his siblings. Teresa had already started to tear the petticoat under her dress to make bandages. She wadded up her make-shift bandage to apply pressure to Johnny’s injury.

Suddenly a gruff voice rang out. “Lancer! Send that Mex out and you and the girl won’t be hurt.”

“Well, at least we know what or who they’re after,” Scott commented sarcastically.

“You hear me in there, Lancer? We just want that killer that gunned down my son! We’ll let you go once we get what we want!”

“We hear you! No deal!” At Scott’s response, several shots rang out through what was left of the glass in the cabin windows. All three flinched. Scott tried to locate the shooters out the window while keeping his head down at the same time.

“We got nothin’ but time, Lancer!” One of the shooters snuck up to the carriage and slapped the horses on the rump. The carriage took off down the road with Barranca trailing behind.

“Damn it,” Scott expelled as he realized all the extra ammunition, and any medicine that Johnny always carried in his saddlebags, just ran off down the road. All they had was Johnny’s Colt, the bullets on his holster, and the empty rifle which had no hope for being reloaded. Thank goodness Johnny had worn his rig to the dance. Who would think to wear a gun to a dance? 

Teresa looked on the verge of tears, but she held it together. She continued to apply pressure to Johnny’s wound. The bleeding had slowed, but it hadn’t stopped.

The sun had set, an hour had passed, and Johnny had lost consciousness. “Do you think Murdoch has started looking for us yet?” Teresa queried Scott.

“I don’t know. It depends on if the horses have made it back to the ranch yet. Maybe.” He looked at Teresa with a hopeful smile. Even though he didn’t think anyone was coming to rescue them any time soon, he felt the need to keep her hopes up.

Scott looked over at Johnny’s pale skin and started to formulate a plan. Again he looked around the cabin to take stock of  any advantages they might have. It had two windows in front and none in the back, just a door from the kitchen area. He glanced at the kitchen again … nothing. If they were going to get out of this, he was going to have to go for help. They were only a few miles from the hacienda. Scott removed the gun from Johnny’s lax fingers and handed it to Teresa. She looked at him with questions in her eyes.

“Teresa, I need you to be strong. I have to go get help.” She started to shake her head no. “If anyone comes through that door, shoot to kill. I’m going to sneak out the back door. There’s no moon, so they won’t even see me. Do you think you can hold down the fort until I can get back with reinforcements?” Scott had confidence in the girl, but did she have confidence in herself? Teresa sadly nodded her head. She was frightened, but knew Johnny’s life depended on her.

“Scott, can’t we just wait till someone comes?”

“Teresa, do you think Johnny can hang on that long?” They both turned to look at their injured brother. Johnny was in obvious pain and his breathing was labored. Scott took his light brown jacket off and laid it on his brother’s shivering body. He was thankful he wore his dark blue shirt instead of his white one. It would be harder to stand out in the dark.

“All right then … but hurry back. I don’t want anything to happen to you either. Promise me you’ll be careful.” Teresa looked at him with tears in her eyes. Scott nodded and crawled toward the back door. He opened it slowly, with minimal squeaking, and slipped out into the darkness.

Teresa turned to Johnny to check that the bleeding had decreased. She pulled Scott’s jacket closer around Johnny’s shaking body, then leaned back against the cabin wall. The only sound was Johnny’s breathing. Time seemed to have stopped. All they could do is wait for Scott to return with help.

Shots rang out. Teresa muffled a scream. The following silence was deafening.

The younger ambusher ran over to check the fallen Lancer. He shook his head as he waved to his father.

“Hey, killer!” The evil father yelled toward the cabin. “How’s it feel to be dying? We’d ask Lancer there, but he’s … beyond answering” The bad guys elbowed each other and laughed at their joke.

“Girly, send him out and we’ll let you go!”

Have they really just killed Scott? Teresa looked down at Johnny as he started to come around. She stifled a sob that was threatening to explode. She needed to find strength to get through this ordeal. She needed to be strong for Johnny.

“Where’s Scott?” Johnny mumbled.

“He’s … gone to find help. He’ll be back soon,” Teresa lied. She hoped that Murdoch would be looking for them by now. They were hours overdue.

Murdoch stood by the French doors looking out into the darkness. He was starting to get worried as his family was late returning from the neighbor’s barn dance. Teresa had been so excited to go to the dance as a chance to meet new friends. It surprised him that both his sons decided to escort her and knew there had to be a story to be told as to why. He already knew a little about the neighbors. Mr. Harrison was a widow with three children. A son and twins, a boy and a girl. The eldest son was Johnny’s age. The other two children were twins a couple of years younger, but a year older than Teresa.

Murdoch’s anxiety was mounted as the grandfather clock sounded eight times. He thought they’d been home by dinner time at six.

Jelly saw his boss through the French door. He thought he’d just go keep him company until the young’uns got back. It seemed kind of late for them to be out since it was just a Saturday afternoon shindig. “Boss, the boys and Teresa not back yet?’ Jelly asked. He loved to ask questions that he already knew the answers to.

“Nope, not yet,” Murdoch answered distractedly.

“Well, wanna play some checkers while you wait?”

“No, thanks, Jelly.” Murdoch continued to gaze out the window, hoping to make his children appear.

“Do you want me to go make some coffee?”

“No, thanks, Jelly.”

“Boss, do you want me to – ”

Murdoch interrupted, “No! Jelly, I don’t want you to do anything.”

“Boss,” Jelly continued as if he hadn’t been interrupted, “All’s I was gonna ask was do you want me to go saddle some horses?”

Murdoch paused and smiled at his friend. “Please, and ask the hands for volunteers. Oh, and get some lanterns, too.”

“Right away, boss.” Jelly scurried out of the house on his appointed duties.

Scott slowly regained consciousness. He had fallen across a log as the rifle shot entered his back, causing him to pitch forward and hit his head on the hard ground. He groaned as he looked around to recover his bearings. He didn’t know how long he’d been unconscious. If any help was coming, they’d be using the road, so the road is where he needed to be. Scott started to rise, but stumbled over a tree root, collapsing on all fours. He tried again. This time he was successful in standing, or rather leaning, against a tree. Staggering from tree to tree, he made it to the road away from the cabin, headed toward Lancer. One foot in front of the other, Lancer, one foot in front of the other!

Scott had only gotten a hundred yards or so – even though it felt like miles – when he heard horses. Not knowing if it was friend or foe, he hunkered down behind some bushes to wait. He didn’t have to wait long before he realized it was Murdoch with a posse. Scott staggered out of the bushes and fell onto the side of the road.

Jelly pointed. “Look, boss.”

“Scott!” Murdoch hollered as he dismounted. He rushed to his son’s side, helping him to a sitting position.

Scott grimaced as he gasped out in pain, “Murdoch, help. Teresa. Johnny. Cabin … down the road.”

“We’ll get them.” Murdoch spouted out orders. “Ciprano, get Scott back to the house. Walt, get around the back of the cabin. Hank, you me and Jelly will come in from the front.”

Murdoch and Ciprano struggled to get Scott into the saddle. The adrenaline that kept Scott upright had escaped him after he’d gotten his message to his father, leaving him only semi-conscious. After mounting the horse behind Scott, Ciprano kicked it into a fast-paced canter. Trying to ride any faster, he might lose the patron’s son.

Once Scott was safely away, Murdoch mounted his horse and they were off. They had only ridden a short distance when they heard gun shots. Then … a barrage of shots. One right after the other. The men all glanced around at each other before kicking their horses into a full gallop, dreading what they were going to find.

Teresa’s hands were starting to cramp from holding the gun so tightly in her hands. Johnny needed to calm her down. “Teresa, let me … check the gun … for a minute,” he wheezed.  He slowly pried the gun out of her stiff hands. He opened the cylinder to check that it was fully loaded. He closed the gun and placed in his lap knowing he didn’t have the strength left to hold the gun, much less shoot it. “Teresa.” Johnny turned her face to look at him then took her hands in his own. He gently rubbed her cold fingers to bring warmth back into them.

“They’re probably … getting tired … of waiting … gonna rush … the cabin … soon.” She gasped, but nodded her head in understanding. Teresa took the gun back and pointed it toward the door. Johnny leaned his head back against the cabin wall and closed his eyes. The frightened girl looked down at the gun. It was all up to her now.

The angry men that wanted Johnny dead heard horses coming at a gallop. They saw the lanterns in the distance. They knew their time was up and rushed the cabin, shooting as they reached it.

Teresa heard the shots and sat shaking, waiting for the inevitable. The cabin door crashed in toward them, and she began to shoot. She didn’t stop firing, even after there weren’t any more bullets left in the gun. Tears were running down her cheeks over the loss of Scott and maybe Johnny. She finally stopped shooting, but held onto the smoking gun with a death grip.

As the Lancer rescue posse arrived, Murdoch saw one man attempt to ride away. The outlaw turned to shoot at them, but it was the last thing he ever did. Murdoch stumbled out of his saddle almost falling to the ground as he rushed toward the cabin. There were two bodies lying in the doorway. Teresa and Johnny sat leaning against the back cabin wall facing the door. Teresa continued pointing the empty gun at the open door.

Murdoch slowly crept toward his ward. “Teresa, darling, it’s over now. Let me have the gun,” Murdoch crooned softly. Teresa wouldn’t release the weapon even though her hands were shaking. “It’s me…Murdoch. Please, honey, give me the gun.” Teresa continued to stare at the fallen outlaws and didn’t seem to see Murdoch. He bent down to her eye level, slowly put his hands on her cheeks, and turned her face toward him. She looked up and dropped the gun as she lunged into his arms nearly knocking him off his feet. He helped her to her feet, rocking his sweet girl back and forth in his arms, and thanking God she was unhurt.

Stepping over a body in the doorway, Jelly entered the cabin, followed by Hank. Murdoch used one hand to motion toward Johnny while continuing to hold Teresa as she silently cried. He suddenly realized that Teresa had been doing all the shooting, not his unconscious son. Again, he was proud of how strong Teresa could be.

Jelly went to check on Johnny while Hank dragged one dead man out of the doorway and the other one out of the cabin. Jelly realized that Johnny needed some doctoring, so he went back out to his horse to retrieve his saddlebag of supplies, a canteen and bedroll. He dropped it all on the floor by the injured Lancer, then stood back to await instruction.

“Oh, Murdoch … Johnny’s hurt so bad and …” Teresa gulped. “Scott’s dead,” she whispered as her thoughts flew back to how wonderfully the afternoon had started out. Dancing, meeting new friends, laughing with her brothers. But it had all ended so terribly.

“Scott’s not dead and we’re going to get Johnny taken care of. We just need to get him back to the house and let Sam get a look at them. Are you hurt at all?”

Teresa shook her head. Murdoch’s words were starting to sink in. “Scott’s … alive? But, but we heard the shots. They said he … he was dead.”

“No, Teresa. We found Scott out by the road. He’d been shot, but Ciprano took him back to the ranch. Hank!” The trusted hand stuck his head in the doorway of the cabin. “Hank, ride into town. Tell Sam what happened and to meet us at the ranch. Then let the Sheriff know what happened and bring him back here if you can.” Hank was mounting his horse practically before Murdoch stopped speaking.

Walt busied himself by finishing Hank’s job of dragging the corpses farther from the cabin. Walt took a good look at the deceased men. One of them looked like that Stryker fellow that shot him awhile back. He would talk to Mr. Lancer about it when he had the chance. He retrieved some blankets from the bedrolls to cover the bodies Finally, he decided to take care of the horses until he was needed by the boss.

“Jelly, I need you to go get a wagon to bring everyone back to the ranch. Teresa and I will look after Johnny. Oh and bring me in a canteen before you go.”

“Right, boss.” Jelly smiled, knowing he was way ahead of  Murdoch. He knew what would be needed, even before his boss asked. “I’ll be back before you have time to miss me.” Jelly pointed out the supplies he had already delivered, then hustled from the cabin to mount his horse and gallop away. Murdoch smiled and watched through the doorway as his faithful friend rode away.

Murdoch now turned his focus back to Johnny. As he removed Scott’s jacket from Johnny’s chest, his mind shifted to his other injured son. Hopefully, Ciprano and Scott returned safely and Maria was nursing his wounds. He couldn’t stop to think about Scott now. He needed to concentrate on the son he could help. He would have time to worry about both sons once they were safe at home.

Teresa helped Murdoch take Johnny’s shirt off. Using the water from the canteen, they tried to clean his wound. Thankfully, the gunshot was through and through and the doctor wouldn’t have to dig a bullet out. The duo put pads on both the entrance and exit holes, then wound some gauze tightly around Johnny’s body to hold the bandages in place. They placed his shirt around his shoulders and put a blanket over his chest as they eased him down onto a bedroll. Johnny had groaned during their doctoring, but had remained only semi-conscious. Teresa and Murdoch sat back and sighed. They had done all they could for Johnny. Once they had him flat on his back, Johnny fell into a restless sleep. Now all they needed to do would be to wait patiently for Jelly to arrive with the wagon.

With one last look at his sleeping son, Murdoch took Teresa by the arm, led her out of the cabin to get some fresh air, and for a chance to stretch their legs. 

“Teresa, can you tell me what happened?”

“I’m not really sure what happened. We were coming back from the dance and someone shot Johnny. Scott got us to this cabin. We didn’t have any supplies and only the one gun, so Scott went to get help.” Teresa stopped to gasp as she relived her fears for Scott. “Oh, Murdoch, I was so scared. I heard the shot. They said Scott was dead. I wanted to shut down and cry, but I had to protect Johnny. Why … why does this keep happening to us?” Murdoch simply shook his head as he gathered her into his loving embrace.

“Teresa!” Johnny’s panicked voice bellowed from the cabin. “Teresa!”

Murdoch and Teresa hurried back to Johnny’s side.   

“Shhh, Johnny. It’s all right, son. You’re going to be alright. Teresa’s right here. She isn’t hurt. Jelly’s gone to get a wagon. Hank’s gone – ”

Johnny interrupted, “Scott? Scott’s hurt out there! We need to find him.” Johnny struggled against his father’s hold.

“Settle down, Johnny! We found him on the way to you. Ciprano already took him back to the house. He and Maria will look after him until Sam can get there. Everyone is going to be all right.”

Johnny sighed and visibly relaxed. “Why does this keep happening?” Johnny mumbled as he closed his eyes to rest.

Jelly reached Lancer with his wagonload of passengers about the same time as Doctor Jenkins’ buggy arrived.

Murdoch started shouting orders, but was interrupted by Sam. “Let me check Johnny over before we move him.” Teresa informed the doctor that the bullet had gone all the way through. Sam turned to the ranch hands, “Ok boys, let’s move him to the dining room table. Teresa, remove the table cloth and get lots of candles. Then I’m going to need lots of hot water.”

Johnny’s surgery was fairly simple. Some minor internal injuries, but Sam was able to suture everything closed. Teresa was a wonderful assistant, giving Johnny chloroform to keep him out during the operation and then helping to bind his wounds afterward.

While Johnny’s surgery was taking place, Murdoch checked on Scott. He quietly opened his oldest son’s door, hoping not to disturb him if he was sleeping. Murdoch was shocked to see Maria wringing out a rag after she’d placed another cool rag on his head. Jelly was trying to hold Scott still as he tried to get out of bed. “Maria, what’s happened? I didn’t think he was that badly injured.”

“Si, Patron. He has a fever already.”

“Boss, I found him trying to get out of bed. He won’t listen to me. Says he needs to get to Johnny and Teresa. Won’t believe me that they’re alright. Dang fool.” Jelly mumbled that last part under his breath.

“Scott, it’s Murdoch. Teresa is helping Sam operate on Johnny right now. You need to calm down and be still. Sam will be up to check on you as soon as he’s through. Do you understand me, son?”

Scott stopped struggling against Jelly, nodded his head, and relaxed back into the bed.

“Good. Rest. Maria, thank you for taking care of Scott. I’ll take over now. Could you get some broth started? I’m sure both of my boys will be needing some soon.”

“Si, Patron.”

Murdoch moved over to sit in the chair that Maria had vacated. He couldn’t help himself as he placed the back of his hand on Scott’s forehead to check for fever. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe her, he felt better verifying it for himself. He then sat back to wait.

“Would you like me to get you some coffee? Are you hungry, Boss?” Jelly asked as he wandered into Scott’s room. “It’s liable to be a long night.”

“No, no thank you, Jelly. I think I’ll just sit here. You go on to bed.” Murdoch stared down at his oldest lying so still in his bed. He felt guilty for not worrying about him earlier. Of course Scott would downplay his injuries so his brother could get the help he needed. He never had to worry about Scott, but now he did. Murdoch removed the warm cloth from Scott’s forehead, wrung water out of another rag, and placed the cool rag on his son’s head, finally dropping the warm rag into the basin to cool it down. Murdoch repeated this routine dozens of times before Sam walked into the room.

“How’s my next patient?” Sam queried.

“He’s got a fever. I didn’t realize he was so bad off. Sam, the bullet is still in his back.”

Murdoch sounded worried to Sam’s ears. The doctor needed to ease his friend’s concerns. “He’ll be all right. Maria and Teresa are cleaning the table and preparing for Scott’s surgery. When they’re finished, I’ll have some hands bring Scott down. Johnny’s already being moved to his bed. Why don’t you go stay with him. Keep an eye on him. Johnny should be out for a while.”

Murdoch simply nodded his head and rose to leave the room. Sam grabbed his friend by the arm. “Your boys are young, healthy and strong. They’ll pull through just fine.” Both old friends smiled tiredly at each other.

Scott was helped down to the great room where he sat down on the table. They removed his shirt and pants before helping him to lie face down on the make-shift operating table. They covered his lower extremities with a sheet as his wound was higher in the back. Teresa arrived with a bowl of hot water to sterilize the instruments. As she had done with Johnny, Teresa gave her brother the chloroform to knock him out for the surgery.

Murdoch kept pulling his watch out to check the time. He walked over to adjust Johnny’s covers again. Then, he returned to the chair by the window in his youngest son’s room. Time had seemed to come to a standstill. He turned to look out the window. The ranch work didn’t stop. It never stopped. Johnny groaned and then settled himself back in his bed. Murdoch watched him sleep. Then he checked his watch. Again.

Scott’s surgery wasn’t complicated. The bullet had lodged in Scott’s shoulder blade and Sam had struggled to remove it. Sam took his time, diligently checking to make sure all the internal injuries had been taken care of. With the final stitch, Sam sighed and stretched his back muscles. It had been a long few hours. Back to back operations were tiring for a young man and the doctor wasn’t a young man anymore.

Teresa tilted her head from side to side trying to relax her tense neck muscles. “Sam, do you want me to  go let Murdoch know we’re finished?”

“Let’s get Scott settled into his bed first. Go get Jelly to round up a few hands to take Scott to his room.”

Murdoch heard the commotion in the hallway. He glanced at Johnny’s sleeping form one more time before he went to check on Scott. The hired hands laid Scott on his side. Teresa positioned pillows on either side to keep him from rolling onto his back, then pulled a blanket up over the sheet that was covering him.

Murdoch looked to Sam for acknowledgment that all had gone well. Sam smiled at his friend to let him know his son would recover. “The surgery went well. Barring any further infection, he should be fine.”

Murdoch had realized he was holding his breath. He sighed and slapped his friend on the back. “Would you like to join me for a drink before you turn in? Teresa has your room ready, my friend.”

Sam smiled a tired smile as he followed Murdoch to the Great room. They both turned to see Maria. She was taking the last of the bloody bandages to be burned after cleaning the table from the operations.

Murdoch felt a shiver run down his spine as he considered how close he’d been to loosing both his sons. He would never look at the dining table the same way again.

Johnny lay stretched out the length of the couch with his head on the armrest. Scott, his arm in a sling, was at the other end, angled from the corner with his legs stretched out on the ottoman. Both men were content to be out of their rooms after three weeks of bed rest.

“You don’t think there are anymore Strykers out there that would come gunning for you, Johnny?” Scott and Johnny had been discussing the men that had attacked them.

Johnny shook his head and replied. “I sure hope not.”

Scott nodded and got a far-away look in his eye remembering what could have happened after the barn dance.

Johnny kicked his brother in the leg to get  his attention. “I wonder if there are any cookies left?” Johnny grinned at Scott. “That sure was nice of Winifred to bring them over. But I think she was disappointed that she didn’t get to see you, cause I think she’s really sweet on ya.”

“Johnny, I think she brought them for both of us. She said that she felt bad that we had been injured coming from the barn dance at her place.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of horses arriving outside the hacienda. Winifred and her brother, Alfred, had come to call. Alfred enjoyed escorting his twin sister because it gave him a chance to see Teresa again.

Teresa heard the knock on the front door and came from the kitchen, drying her hands in her apron, to answer it. She had some flour in her hair and it wasn’t neatly in place. “Oh, Alfred, Winifred. It’s nice to see you again. I’m sorry I’m such a mess. You caught me in the middle of baking.”

“Teresa, you could never look a mess to me,” Alfred gushed.

Johnny and Scott snickered at the blatant attempt to suck up to their sister. Teresa heard them laugh.

“Winifred, you’ll be happy to know that Johnny and Scott are feeling so much better they are here on the couch right now.” The brothers knew that Teresa had given them away and they had no place to hide.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” The young lady rushed over to the couch carrying a saddlebag full of cookies.

“Johnny, Scott, it’s so good to see you up and around.” She glanced at Johnny, but Scott got her full attention as she sat down on the ottoman placing her hand on the blond’s leg.

Both brothers smiled. “What’s in the bag? Did you bring some more of your delicious cookies?”

In answer to Johnny’s question, Winifred handed the cookies to him. Then she turned back toward Scott. “Oh dear, Scott, your blanket has fallen off. Let me help you.” Winnie proceeded to tuck the blanket around the tall blond using it as an excuse to touch his chest and hips. Scott flinched and attempted to move away from her, but with Johnny being stretched out the length of the couch, the blond had nowhere to go to escape her.

“Can I get you some lemonade?” Winifred asked Scott.

“I would love some,” Johnny answered.

Just then, as if summoned, Teresa entered the room with Alfred carrying a pitcher of lemonade and glasses on a tray.

They all enjoyed the lemonade, but Scott began to feel uncomfortable with Winifred’s stares.

“I’m sorry to break this up, but I’m feeling tired. Johnny, could you help me up to my room?” Johnny started to argue that he wanted to stay and eat cookies, but Scott pinched his brother’s toes to stop him from foiling his escape plan.

“Oh, Scott, I’m so sorry that we tuckered you out. I sure hope you’ll be well enough to go to the church dance at the end of next month.” Winifred waited and hoped Scott would ask her to the dance.

Scott just smiled – actually grimaced from the slight pain in his shoulder – as he stood and helped his brother to his feet.

“Well, we’ll see you at the dance then. I’m sure Scott will be saving some dances for you.” Johnny loved to get his brother’s goat. Scott elbowed his brother for his remarks.

“I can’t wait!” Winifred exclaimed as she watched the brothers depart, actually watching Scott’s backside leave the room.


April 2022

To Church Dance – Part 2 in Trilogy

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  1. Good story. Lots of drama. Teresa really came through. The show never did her justice. And Johnny’s evil sense of humor! Scott will get even.


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